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  1. What is HotMovies.com?

    HotMovies.com is a website with a vastly growing library of educational and entertaining movies - with daily new releases! HotMovies.com is a non-membership site with no monthly fees. Watch any of our movies at any time from any location. You simply choose a HotMovies.com time package to get the number of minutes you want to watch all or parts of tons of movies.

  2. What kind of connection and media player works best with HotMovies.com?

    For the best viewing experience, we strongly recommend a high-speed cable or DSL connection. HotMovies.com works with Windows Media Player.

  3. If I don't use all the minutes I buy, what happens to them?

    HotMovies.com stores your minutes for you until you come back to use them. When you buy a HotMovies.com time package, feel free to use your minutes at your leisure at any time. .

  4. Can I rent or download a movie for viewing later?

    Yes, you can do both. HotMovies.com offers 7-day and Lifetime streaming rentals that let you watch your rented movie(s) as many times as you want for the rental period you choose. We also offer Download To Own movies that you can burn to a DVD and have forever. Downloads take a little time to complete because the movie is downloaded and stored on your hard drive. You can watch your download(s) as many times as you want - in full size DVD quality for the download period.

  5. If I have a problem, do you have a Customer Service department to help me?

    If you have a problem purchasing a HotMovies.com time package, watching any of the movies we offer, or finding a particular movie you want to watch, please e-mail support@VOD.com. A HotMovies.com customer service representative will help you. You can also click on "Contact Us" which opens a form you can complete.