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  1. Fire Escape

Double Trouble


Video: Double Trouble

Domina Silvia has decided to treat herself to the debasement of two slaves today. . . .

114 Ratings

4 X 4 7 - The Leather & Lace Gangbang


Video: 4 X 4  7 - The Leather & Lace Gangbang

Gangster style...."four dicks on every fine bitch!" This is nasty sex at its best. . . .

67 Ratings

Dressing For Sex


Video: Dressing For Sex

As regular as English Rain, Tanya serves up kink again nylon, rubber, thigh-high . . .

55 Ratings

Teacher's Pet 2


Video: Teacher's Pet 2

Natali's husband hires Anastasia to teach her French while he is out of town. Anastasia . . .

73 Ratings

Swashbuckle Ballbusting


Video: Swashbuckle Ballbusting

Dirt Renolds has had the fantasy of a cruel sadistic Mistress that would just laugh . . .

28 Ratings

Hippy Bent For Leather


Video: Hippy Bent For Leather

Mistress Gemini has an old hippy slave pay Her a visit. She decides to take this . . .

13 Ratings

Singing Out In Pure Pain


Video: Singing Out In Pure Pain

Mistress Gemini just wants be mean and swing all her favorite floggers, straps, whips . . .

15 Ratings

Whipcracker Suite


Video: Whipcracker Suite

Mistress Gemini has another willing victim in her dungeon that just needs to be punished. . . .

18 Ratings

Pain Slut


Video: Pain Slut

Vinyl Queen's slave loves to suffer for her. He is an enjoyable plaything due to . . .

9 Ratings

Unruly Prisoner


Video: Unruly Prisoner

It's incredible what the human body can withstand. For some, no amount of pleasure . . .

17 Ratings
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