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  1. Straight From The Bi's Mouth Vol. 3
  2. Black Bi Cuckolding #21
  3. Bi Sex Buddies
  4. It's A Bi World After All Vol. 6
  5. Sister Ho Gets Slutty
  6. Bi Sex Dream Creams Vol. 3
  7. Bi Sexual Seductions 3
  8. Good-Bi Threesome Volume Six
  9. Wild Bi Party #3
  10. Bi 4 Play Vol. 3

Embrace the lust for both gorgeous girls and magnificent men in our bisexual porn videos...and get your rocks off watching as normally heterosexual individuals explore their wild side in same-sex, raunchy encounters! Whether you want to see two males fuck into oblivion with a woman in the mix or two females tenaciously tackle each other while a guy watches on—preparing to enter the fray, these sensational XXX movies will really um...get your juices flowing, if you know what we mean.

Studios like Blue Coyote Pictures, Kick Ass Pictures, and Men of Odyssey provide top rated films that follow these “sexplorations” of bi-curious individuals and the ultimate satisfaction they receive from giving in to their desires.

Bi-Sexual Encounters Unleashed


Video: Bi-Sexual Encounters Unleashed
Premium Title

Gorgeous gals balling cute guys! Balling cute guys balling gorgeous gals! Bi blowjobs, . . .

301 Ratings

Bullied Bi Cuckolds


Video: Bullied Bi Cuckolds
Premium Title

2009 GAYVN Award Nominee for Best Bisexual Film.

It's not gay

. . .

502 Ratings

Bi-Sexual Encounters of the EXXXtreme Kind #1


Video: Bi-Sexual Encounters of the EXXXtreme Kind #1
Premium Title

Veteran lensman Roy Alexander has totally re-defined the Bi-sexual genre with his . . .

313 Ratings

Sissy Maid Slave


Video: Sissy Maid Slave

When Miss Dita discovers Felipe's pretty painted toe nails and stocking under his . . .

296 Ratings

Sissy Pimpin'


Video: Sissy Pimpin'

Miss Dita turns James into Jade, her latest transformed tranny trollop she'll pimp . . .

365 Ratings

Bi-Sexual Encounters Of The EXXXtreme Kind 3


Video: Bi-Sexual Encounters Of The EXXXtreme Kind 3
Premium Title

The girls are gorgeous, the guys are hot and the sex is out of this world!!! Beautiful . . .

261 Ratings

Bullied Bi Cuckolds 2


Video: Bullied Bi Cuckolds 2
Premium Title

Granted, the topic of one man sucking another man's cock isn't your ordinary cocktail . . .

319 Ratings

World's Biggest Bullied Bi Cuckold


Video: World's Biggest Bullied Bi Cuckold
Premium Title

Time was in our changing culture when a man whipped out his equipment, it meant he . . .

155 Ratings

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Bo Dean And Tex Gemmell Bisexual


Video: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Bo Dean And Tex Gemmell Bisexual

By overwhelming demand, we proudly present to you the first bi-sexual scene on SG4GE.com. . . .

95 Ratings

Bullied Bi Cuckolds 5


Video: Bullied Bi Cuckolds 5
Premium Title

Forget what you've been told or led to believe. The reward on most men's minds after . . .

215 Ratings
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