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  1. Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush - Dirty Laundry - Featuring Maxine Holloway And Maggie Mayhem
  2. Cyberpunk Punished
  3. Keira Raven Full Term
  4. Azaria Helps An Old Man
  5. Secretary With Glasses
  6. Delicious Girls
  7. Rogue Girls
  8. Magic Moments Presents Mara
  9. Amber Gets Tickled
  10. Girls Lusting Sex

It's A Secretary Thing! 2


Video: It's A Secretary Thing! 2

Patrick Collins proudly presents a collection of stunning superstars dressed up as . . .

320 Ratings

Fuckin' Nerds


Video: Fuckin' Nerds

FUCKIN' NERDS has five girly geeks going from head of the class to sitting on the . . .

383 Ratings

Sasha Finds Her Tears


Video: Sasha Finds Her Tears

Pretty red-head Sasha has one hell of a sexy little body. And it gets even sexier . . .


86 Ratings

Specs Appeal #2


Video: Specs Appeal #2
Premium Title

How to pick up a girl with glasses! Pay attention! In this video, we tell you how . . .

107 Ratings

Kick Ass Chicks #70 - Girls With Glasses


Video: Kick Ass Chicks #70 - Girls With Glasses
Premium Title

As it applies to young ladies, being smart isn't necessarily sexy, but looking smart . . .

63 Ratings

JoyOfSpex: Brittney & Simone


Video: JoyOfSpex: Brittney & Simone

Brittney introduces us to her glasses-wearing friend, Simone. They talk about their . . .

138 Ratings

Nerdy Girls


Video: Nerdy Girls
Premium Title

As it turns out, nerdy girls love cock even more than the average young lady. Just . . .

194 Ratings

Teasing Handjob With Denial


Video: Teasing Handjob With Denial

Mistress Roulette, clad in a hot little leather outfit, is going to have some fun . . .

61 Ratings

Specs Appeal 3 - Girls with Glasses


Video: Specs Appeal 3 - Girls with Glasses
Premium Title

Want to score with career girls?
In this video you'll learn how to: 1. Ream
. . .

86 Ratings

Teens With Glasses


Video: Teens With Glasses

Guys make passes at hot teens who wear glasses. If you're into the "bookish" sexy . . .

61 Ratings
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