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  1. Muscle Tussle
  2. Big Thick Muscle Girl
  3. Collette's Massive Mountains
  4. Muscle Stripper Muscle Menage
  5. Steamy Hot Muscle Girls
  6. Power Goddess - Worship & Domination
  7. Kashma's MMA Cage Fight
  8. Feat Fetish 2
  9. Joanna's Muscle Fantasies
  10. "Gin-or-mous" Muscle Smother

Our muscular women porn collection is as robust and sexy as the women featured in it! These buff babes offer chiseled, rippling, and sleek physiques—letting you know that they’ve been known to pump…something. (Or at least that they enjoy pumping iron as much as cock!) By the way, we’re not talking simply toned females; these are gorgeous girls with straight up hard body and bulked bodybuilder appearances, able to wrestle you to the ground and have their way with you as they see fit.

Get your fill of females with mighty muscles from studios like Channel 69 Video and L. Scott Sales—the more prolific providers of top rated films for this type of XXX movie.

Buff & Beautiful


Video: Buff & Beautiful

114 Ratings

These girls have got it all a chiseled body and hot looks to go along with it. There . . .

Jerky Girls Vol. 101 - Alura Muscle Goddess


Video: Jerky Girls Vol. 101 - Alura Muscle Goddess

29 Ratings

The muscle goddess compilation of all time!!! Alura literally beats the cum out of . . .

MMW-HARD: Hard Muscle Fuck


Video: MMW-HARD: Hard Muscle Fuck

42 Ratings
Premium Title

I thought it couldn't get any better but watch this and you will see that I was wrong. . . .

Body Builders In Heat 11


Video: Body Builders In Heat 11

49 Ratings

Hot and nasty muscled babes ready to pump your iron! Watch this movie and you will . . .

Body Builders In Heat


Video: Body Builders In Heat

58 Ratings

Watch these buff babes pump some cock for a power fuck. Cory, Jasmine, Kitana and . . .

Body Builders In Heat #26


Video: Body Builders In Heat #26

46 Ratings

Its back! The only true hardcode bodybuilder movie series line on the planet. We . . .

Muscle Clits From Outer Space


Video: Muscle Clits From Outer Space

25 Ratings

CX WOW has a very special treat just for you! It's an invasion! These muscle clits . . .

All Star Body Builders In Heat 2


Video: All Star Body Builders In Heat 2

96 Ratings

Hard bodies and hard asses, All Star Body Builders brings you eight of the best pumped . . .

Strap-On Champion Workout


Video: Strap-On Champion Workout

64 Ratings

Spitfire, the new fetish brand, presents Strap-On Champion Workout, with the world's . . .

Body Builders In Heat 7


Video: Body Builders In Heat 7

97 Ratings

Shot in Cannes, Francesca Petitjean returns to flex her massive, sexy muscles. Francesca, . . .

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