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Colette Volume 4 - The Hong Kong Slut


Video: Colette Volume 4 - The Hong Kong Slut

Join Colette as she dresses like a naughty maid and fucks herself with a bottle, . . .

Stars: ,

15 Ratings

Baby Dolls From Bangkok


Video: Baby Dolls From Bangkok

Teanna Kai leads a killer cast of smokin' hot Asian babes from the city known for . . .

45 Ratings

Ultimate Fuck Toy - Alina Li


Video: Ultimate Fuck Toy - Alina Li
Premium Title

Alina is the ultimate sex fiend and the ultimate sex toy! Alina waited her whole . . .

35 Ratings

Anal Cuties of Chinatown


Video: Anal Cuties of Chinatown

A must have anal Asian classic and a new kind of China Syndrome! Watch as these Asian . . .

29 Ratings

My China Doll


Video: My China Doll

Lusty exotic Asian love is ready and waiting for you. Secrets of the orient are revealed . . .

40 Ratings

Chinese Take Out


Video: Chinese Take Out

You can order anything that you want tonight! Chinese babes are at your service for . . .


34 Ratings

Chinese Fetish Play #1 - Tiger's Bench Bondage


Video: Chinese Fetish Play #1 - Tiger's Bench Bondage
Premium Title

We are glad to release the Chinese Series DVD, it will show many unique Chinese style . . .

11 Ratings

Baby Dolls From Beijing


Video: Baby Dolls From Beijing

Baby Doll does it again, searching the entire Pacific Rim for the youngest and hottest . . .

33 Ratings

China Bondage 7


Video: China Bondage 7
Premium Title

Two models suffered tease, Chinese style. Susan was bound as tight as could be, the . . .

9 Ratings

Pearl: Executive Chinese Secretary Tease


Video: Pearl: Executive Chinese Secretary Tease

Ah-so, welcome our newest model Pearl. Direct from Mainland China, our China doll . . .


42 Ratings
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