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  2. No! No! No!
  3. We Blew It! Outtakes And Unused Footage Volume 8
  4. Smokin Muscles
  5. Talking Some More: The Interview Tapes Vol. 3
  6. Do Over Outtakes And Unused Footage Volume 9
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  8. Dammit, Sidorah - Sid's Outtakes And Unused Footage Volume 2
  9. Smoking Sluts 3
  10. Just Sonja

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  1. Ruby's Severe Pie Head Trauma 2
  2. Penny Flame

Beautiful women smoking is a fetish shared by thousands. Love to watch ribbons of blue smoke slip past her sensuous lips?

Her features so mysterious behind her translucent veil, exhaling as she slowly fucks you with her eyes.

FetishMovies.com has amassed scores of fetish smoking movies for your viewing pleasure.

A Quick Smoke


Video: A Quick Smoke

In this flick you get nothing but a beautiful cock sucking professional! Inside you'll . . .


65 Ratings

Smoking During Sex 1


Video: Smoking During Sex 1

These sexy English pornstars smoke cigarette after cigarette during sex, The girls . . .

86 Ratings

Smoking During Sex 2


Video: Smoking During Sex 2

These gorgeous temptresses love Smoking During Sex. They fill the room with . . .

69 Ratings



Video: Titzilla

Are you ready for this? We've got a super hot teen Indian girl with some of the . . .

99 Ratings

My Virtual Nurse - Hollie


Video: My Virtual Nurse - Hollie
Premium Title

It was bound to happen. You watched to many Bouncy DVD's, jerked off to much and . . .

49 Ratings

Smokin' POV Issue 004


Video: Smokin' POV Issue 004
Premium Title

See smokin' hot covergirl Lauren Phoenix puff, puff, and swallow! Lauren rules virtual. . . .

73 Ratings

Smoking Interviews


Video: Smoking Interviews

3 women talk about their smoking habits, likes, dislikes, fetishes and re-enact their . . .

48 Ratings

Smoking Young Hottie


Video: Smoking Young Hottie

I'm not quite sure what this amazingly hot blonde slut likes more, smoking cigarettes . . .

33 Ratings

Smokin' POV Issue 005


Video: Smokin' POV Issue 005
Premium Title

Wow POV never looked so good and smokey! These sluts love to have a good time fucking . . .

79 Ratings

Lighting Up


Video: Lighting Up

Girls who smoke are totally hot, and this fine young thing is no exception to the . . .

31 Ratings
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