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Double Pleasure


Video: Double Pleasure

Luccia sneaks next door to play with her girlfriend, Sandy Simmers but finds her . . .

25 Ratings

Women's Sexual Satisfaction


Video: Women's Sexual Satisfaction

Eavesdrop as four women discuss their sexual secrets. Watch them experience these . . .

17 Ratings

Best Sexual Positions


Video: Best Sexual Positions

Shot in wide screen format with multiple angles featuring over a dozen attractive . . .

13 Ratings

The Sex Men Love


Video: The Sex Men Love

Men like their sex to be more direct, focused, and inventive for them to have a absolutely . . .

24 Ratings

Sex: Lust, Love, Intimacy


Video: Sex: Lust, Love, Intimacy

Chris and Kirk take an erotic helicopter ride to Catalina Island and discover that . . .

11 Ratings

Hottest Sex Weekend


Video: Hottest Sex Weekend

An adventurous couple sets out to turn their Valentine Day's weekend romp into a . . .

Stars: ,

15 Ratings

Ultimate Sex


Video: Ultimate Sex

Lisa and Chuck's relationship is in trouble. She is trying to be someone she is . . .

14 Ratings

S/M The Joys Of High Intensity Pleasure


Video: S/M The Joys Of High Intensity Pleasure

Sometimes a high intensity intimate getaway can take place right at home. Dave and . . .

14 Ratings

Super Cyber Sex


Video: Super Cyber Sex

Take your sex to a whole new level. In our cyber world, electronics, web cams, and . . .

17 Ratings

Sex Play


Video: Sex Play

Georgina and Darren share an outrageous ski adventure wit their new friends Tatiana . . .

21 Ratings
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