World's Luckiest Black Man

Studio: Vivid
Approximate Running Time: 02:25:35
Released: 1998


They gave him 3 wishes, he took 101. Mr. Marcus stars in The World's Luckiest Black Man. With over a hundred horny and nasty girls doing Marcus and doing each other. Watch Mr. Marcus get to sample some of the hottest starlets in business, this guy's living any and everyman's fantasy!


Phyllisha Anne, Blair Segal, Kitten, Anna Amore, Brooke April, Amythiest, Gina Ryder, Alana, Candy Hill, Joelani, Allysa Allure, Barett Moore, Amy, Kira Rodriguez, Anita Cannibal, Bunny Blue, Camille, Treasure, Mr. Marcus

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