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D.P. Boys 5


Video: D.P. Boys 5

The D.P. Boys are back at it again! DP stands for double penetration, and that’s . . .

6 Ratings

Breast Worx 39


Video: Breast Worx 39

The man with a P.H.D. in tit-o-logy is back with another installation to the series . . .

12 Ratings

Butt Camp


Video: Butt Camp

Heatwave Video’s “Butt Camp” is an excellent compilation of all of the best . . .

10 Ratings

Dirty Dating Service Vol. 1


Video: Dirty Dating Service Vol. 1

This is some of Rodney Moore's earliest work. The Dirty Dating Series was developed . . .

8 Ratings

Dick & Jane Volume #4 - Go To Hollywood 2


Video: Dick & Jane Volume #4 - Go To Hollywood  2

Off we go to Hollywood in the 2nd part of an adventure with Dick and Jane. See the . . .

25 Ratings

Bonnie & Clyde 2 - Desperado


Video: Bonnie & Clyde 2 - Desperado

The legend continues. This time, the cops are fast on the track of Bonnie & Clyde, . . .

11 Ratings

Fudge Patterson's Shag Fest - A Love Story


Video: Fudge Patterson's Shag Fest - A Love Story

A lesson in lusty trans-anal tourism! FUDGE PATTERSON'S SHAG FEST: A LOVE STORY . . .

15 Ratings

The Nymphette


Video: The Nymphette

Run your hands all over the soft curves of her body and caress her voluptuous breasts. . . .

28 Ratings

Lesbians Pros & Amateurs No. 25


Video: Lesbians Pros & Amateurs No. 25

In this 25th installment of Gourmet Video’s classic series, Lesbians Pros and Amateurs, . . .

7 Ratings

Amateur Lesbians 41


Video: Amateur Lesbians 41

This is an amateur, classic Lesbian film! Lovers for the first time, they travel . . .

6 Ratings

The Case Of The Missing Seka Master


Video: The Case Of The Missing Seka Master

Ronny is on a hunt through the classic XXX film archives for golden footage of the . . .

26 Ratings

A Pussy To Die For


Video: A Pussy To Die For

When sleazy reporter Worm Jenkins covers a story, he doesn't stop until he uncovers . . .

38 Ratings

Bonnie & Clyde


Video: Bonnie & Clyde

Vivid immortalizes the legend of Bonnie & Clyde in a spectacular triumph of period . . .

68 Ratings

Anal Lover Two


Video: Anal Lover Two

In Anal Lover Two, Rosebud Productions presents anal love the way it ought to be...slow . . .

42 Ratings

The A Train


Video: The A Train

All aboard the anal train! Kink-meister Dale Jordan returns with another adventure . . .

22 Ratings

Extreme Passion


Video: Extreme Passion

Summer Knight is hot on your tail. And before you can say 'Peter Gunn' you'll be . . .

17 Ratings

Body Of Innocence


Video: Body Of Innocence

The accounting department wasn't exactly a haven for the open minded... until she . . .

12 Ratings

On Stage And In Color


Video: On Stage And In Color

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at porn like you've never seen before! Hosts . . .

7 Ratings

Haunted Nights


Video: Haunted Nights

A fun and exciting AVN award winning feature that follows two private dicks whose . . .

18 Ratings

Arabian Nights


Video: Arabian Nights

Porsche Lynn sizzles in "Arabian Nights" one of AVNs Top 500 movies of all time. . . .

13 Ratings

Virtual Sex


Video: Virtual Sex

Tired of watching the same old skin flicks and trying to get off? POV themed movies . . .

18 Ratings

Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 3


Video: Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 3

Are you looking for a cock tease? Some anticipation, maybe? Are you looking for . . .

10 Ratings

Sodomania 6: Gangs And Bangs And Other Thangs!


Video: Sodomania 6: Gangs And Bangs And Other Thangs!

Patrick Collins, Adam Film World Director of the Year presents the sixth installment . . .

31 Ratings



Video: Revelations

Sexual Awakenings In A Forbidden World! What does Ariel, our heroine, do with her . . .

29 Ratings

Blue Denim


Video: Blue Denim
Premium Title

Chelsea Pfeiffer and Jennifer Brooks find themselves getting into mischief on the . . .

14 Ratings

Just Bondage


Video: Just Bondage

Here is bondage erotica in its purest essence. No plot line, no dialogue. Just ropes, . . .

18 Ratings

Butt Bongo Babes


Video: Butt Bongo Babes

Paula is a sexy divorcee looking for lust in all the wrong places. Like when the . . .

26 Ratings

I Vizi di Selen


Video: I Vizi di Selen

Feeling trapped or unloved in a relationship? Significant other who simply doesn't . . .

30 Ratings

The Lovers' Guide: Better Orgasms For Men


Video: The Lovers' Guide: Better Orgasms For Men

The Lovers' Guide is one of the top international instructional videos on relationships . . .

7 Ratings

Feds In Bed


Video: Feds In Bed

Welcome to the F.B.Y. These hallowed halls house the hard working, dedicated, fearless . . .

23 Ratings
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