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Up And Cummers 108


Video: Up And Cummers 108

Blonde Russian hottie Pantera and her husband Maverick love showing off their sex . . .

59 Ratings

Up And Cummers 87


Video: Up And Cummers 87

Sharon makes her first video a smash by doing it outside and inside with Randy and . . .

30 Ratings

Up and Cummers 114


Video: Up and Cummers 114

Ninalyn is a beautiful Chinese lady doing her first boy-girl scene. And apparently . . .

21 Ratings

Up and Cummers 102


Video: Up and Cummers 102

Sabrine Maui is so pretty and sexy, I could barely control myself. She'll be back . . .

38 Ratings

Up And Cummers 65


Video: Up And Cummers 65

Voluptuous, 19-year old beauty, Barbie Gold, makes her video debut a smash by doing . . .

34 Ratings

Up and Cummers 97


Video: Up and Cummers 97

Little Jody Moore, a gorgeous Australian who ran for the Senate in Australia, shows . . .

38 Ratings

Up And Cummers 80


Video: Up And Cummers 80

Gorgeous Tera Patrick is back and catches Randy West in the shower. She decides to . . .

39 Ratings

Up And Cummers 73


Video: Up And Cummers 73

Tera's the hottest thing going, and here she is for her FIRST TIME ON CAMERA! In . . .

25 Ratings

Up And Cummers Number 1


Video: Up And Cummers Number 1

Well folks, now you get a chance to see how it all started. When I began the Up . . .

52 Ratings

Up And Cummers 129


Video: Up And Cummers 129

Three first timers, Lauren, Tanya and Frida, and a few other youthful babes star . . .

46 Ratings
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