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See what happens to bitches that write to porn star Lorenzo Loretto. See everyday bitches become porn stars before your very eyes. Hardcore ass fucking, pussy pounding and face fucking are Lorenzo's way of reaching out to his female fans.

"I'm really trying to give you new non-professional bitches. I want you to see the same bitches you see everyday on the street now taking dick for your pleasure."
Lorenzo Loretto
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Title Any Episode 10

Video: Episode 10

Lorenzo makes another lucky shorty’s dream come true when he answers her letter . . .


8 Ratings Episode 4

Video: Episode 4

Lorenzo responds to a letter from Philly: a Ms. Stacy Anderson, who is a fan of his . . .


6 Ratings Episode 3

Video: Episode 3

In this episode of he gets a letter that this Candy Fuller is stuck . . .


13 Ratings Episode 2

Video: Episode 2

Mona Louder is seeking advice after breaking up with her boyfriend because he cheated . . .


11 Ratings Episode 1

Video: Episode 1

See what happens to women that write to porn star Lorenzo Loretto. These everyday . . .


9 Ratings