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  1. Girls Keen For Sex
  2. Girls And Their Boys 20
  3. Intimately Erotic
  4. Rough & Horny Girls
  5. Girls Feeling Horny
  6. Hairy & Natural Girls
  7. Girls Eager For Sex
  8. Girls And Their Boys 19
  9. Singular Desires
  10. Girls Captivated

The models in films are generally aged between 18 and 23, and most have never done this before. So, you probably will not see many of them on other sites. This studio finds their models in all sorts of places, from grocery stores, neighborhood events, and chance meetings. These are local girls who want to experiment and have a fun time doing it in front of a camera. shoots normal girls you see every day. The girls are real, healthy, happy, and having ...


Girls Keen For Sex


Video: Girls Keen For Sex
Premium Title

Abby Winters brings you another round of fresh amateur girls getting to know each . . .

7 Ratings

Girls And Their Boys 20


Video: Girls And Their Boys 20
Premium Title

Maia and her boyfriend Vlad have been together for 2 years. Marysa and Puck are a . . .

Stars: , , ,

4 Ratings

Intimately Erotic


Video: Intimately Erotic
Premium Title

Imagine you're in a closet. You watch from the perfect vantage point. A beautiful . . .

17 Ratings

Rough & Horny Girls


Video: Rough & Horny Girls

Abby Winters brings you two lesbian couples that are ready to have real sex on camera. . . .

Stars: , , ,

10 Ratings

Girls Feeling Horny


Video: Girls Feeling Horny

Abby Winters brings you the best of young lesbians in love, and expressing it romantically . . .

18 Ratings

Hairy & Natural Girls


Video: Hairy & Natural Girls

Lulu grips Salma's slender hips, her hands reaching around over her toned stomach . . .

Stars: , , ,

15 Ratings

Girls Eager For Sex


Video: Girls Eager For Sex

Anjali and Sabina M. lay comfortably on their living room couch, snuggled close

. . .

15 Ratings

Girls And Their Boys 19


Video: Girls And Their Boys 19

Take a look at real couples! At Abby Winters, our girl-boy shoots are a little different . . .

Stars: , , ,

22 Ratings

Singular Desires


Video: Singular Desires

Watch Immie's fingers pump harder into her wet vulva, her whole body convulsing as . . .

12 Ratings

Girls Captivated


Video: Girls Captivated

Lesbian love is more art than sex. Two natural goddesses of beauty, intertwined . . .

8 Ratings
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