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  1. Les Castings De Lhermite Vol. 57
Nude In France
Telsev is the leading adult distributive company and website in France. Their content is French, utilizing their national, unfiltered language, with all emphasis in gay, straight and fetish.
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Les Castings De Lhermite Vol. 57


Video: Les Castings De Lhermite Vol. 57

Director Philippe Lhermite is back at it again! He’s found an all new line-up of . . .

7 Ratings

Sex Dream


Video: Sex Dream

Who doesn't like a hot, sex dream? This is a French feature that showcases some intense, . . .

26 Ratings

Les Petites Nouvelles 6


Video: Les Petites Nouvelles 6

Watch as the director Philippe Lhermite brings you up and close with these First . . .

33 Ratings

La Fee Moi Jouir


Video: La Fee Moi Jouir

What if you were shown the pleasures of the flesh by a beautiful fairy accompanied . . .

19 Ratings

Couettes Et Petites Putes


Video: Couettes Et Petites Putes

How do these guys go about choosing their whores? Well, it is very serious business, . . .

26 Ratings

Agent 7007-The Spy Who Kissed Me


Video: Agent 7007-The Spy Who Kissed Me

To bring down a corrupt deputy embroiled in a prostitution ring, there is only one . . .

19 Ratings

Femmes Mures Tres Cochonnes


Video: Femmes Mures Tres Cochonnes

The title of this movie literally translates to 'Very Mature Women Sluts' and boy . . .

18 Ratings

La Bacheliere 29


Video: La Bacheliere 29

This semester schoolgirls are hot and ready for big cocks. Whether they're starting . . .

16 Ratings

Fabien Lafait Recrute Dans La Rue 7


Video: Fabien Lafait Recrute Dans La Rue 7

Check out the latest from Telsev, Fabien LaFait Recrute Dans La Rue 7! Featuring . . .

12 Ratings

Plus Cochonne Que Jamais


Video: Plus Cochonne Que Jamais

In a magnificent setting out underneath the sun, people wish they could spend every . . .

4 Ratings
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