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Colossal Men
Colossal Men - top quality gay movies from the Colossal Group
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Rear Guard Soldiers


Video: Rear Guard Soldiers

6 Ratings

Latin soldiers...on man-to-man maneuvers! After a long, hard day's military drilling . . .

Sex Magazine Photo Shoot


Video: Sex Magazine Photo Shoot

9 Ratings

Sure...you always secretly wanted to make a porn film...or you've thought about being . . .

Rear Guard Soldiers Vol. 2


Video: Rear Guard Soldiers Vol. 2

11 Ratings

Check out these military enlisted men...err...enLUSTED men as they take a break from . . .

Screwing The Help


Video: Screwing The Help

10 Ratings

That sign won't be up for long... It's great when you're the employer of FIRST resort. . . .

Eat Like A Real Man Vol. 2


Video: Eat Like A Real Man Vol. 2

17 Ratings

They're not your average or "stereotype" gay male (if indeed there is one). These . . .

Dude Ranch Studs #2


Video: Dude Ranch Studs #2

14 Ratings

These young studs work hard on the ranch...and hard, physical labor develops hard . . .

Basic Training


Video: Basic Training

12 Ratings

Welcome to basic training! These muscle bound men are gonna show you the way to . . .

Man Eating Cannibals!


Video: Man Eating Cannibals!

21 Ratings

In the steamy, remote tropical jungles of South America...deep in the lush reaches . . .

Backyard Costume Orgy


Video: Backyard Costume Orgy

25 Ratings

When you're throwin' a party like this...you know they'll all cum! And there are . . .

Getting Turned On


Video: Getting Turned On

25 Ratings

Whether you get stiff over a certain type of man: tall, muscular, tanned, olive skinned, . . .

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