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HydroMadam Productions
HydroMadam Productions has found a niche market adult fetish videos. Specializing in enema and spanking films, The HydroMadam Video Collection includes contemporary enema classics like "Punishment in Paris" and "Erika's Visit to the Doctor" as well as daring real-life excursions into the powder rooms of some of the most elegant locales for "Public Enema Girls." No matter what your taste in hot, wet spanking and enema videos, HydroMadam's independently owned and operated studio delivers ... (more)
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Enema Sweeties


Video: Enema Sweeties

Grab the air freshener and get ready for a wet and wild experience that's out of . . .

13 Ratings

The Wrap-Up & Naughty Chubby Sissy Panty Diaper Slut - Double Feature


Video: The Wrap-Up & Naughty Chubby Sissy Panty Diaper Slut - Double Feature

This is the fetish double feature that you've been waiting for! The Wrap-Up: The . . .

8 Ratings

Alli Stalked & Captured


Video: Alli Stalked & Captured

Alli is chased through an abandoned building. Run Alli, run. Too bad she's not fast . . .

21 Ratings

Soft Moans


Video: Soft Moans

Sub Lou is introduced to Nurse G. She has him strip down to his bare ass. Nurse . . .

9 Ratings

Erika Kole in Secrets


Video: Erika Kole in Secrets

Erika has had a long bus ride to NYC. Concerned for sweet Erika's health, Mrs. Genevive . . .

34 Ratings

His Tight Little Asshole


Video: His Tight Little Asshole

You never know who you'll meet at a singles party. How nice that once you get one . . .


7 Ratings

It's Not Your Fault


Video: It's Not Your Fault

Alli is back from her 'Punishment in Paris' but still can't understand why her mother . . .

18 Ratings

Public Enema Girls


Video: Public Enema Girls

What happens when a bunch of girls give themselves enemas in public restrooms in . . .

12 Ratings

Why Are You Here?


Video: Why Are You Here?

Mrs. G walks into her living room and finds a man sitting on her sofa... He mumbles . . .

2 Ratings

Punished In Paris


Video: Punished In Paris

Alli is 19 years old & being punished. Her wealthy parents sent her Paris with her . . .


43 Ratings
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