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  1. Fucking Two Slutty Bitches
  2. American Ream Part 5
  3. Daizy Squirtz Soaks The Bed
  4. Ashley's Oversexed
  5. The Great British Gender Bender 2 Part 1
  6. Sister Ho Gets Slutty
  7. Slutty Neighbor Next Door
  8. Novice Vampire Craves Anal
  9. Pound My Cunt
  10. Hot Babes And Big Cocks
We have been producing movies since 1999 and have completed several hundred videos. One of our videos was a runner up for Best Amateur Video about two years ago. Our best straight videos would be "Sex Starved Student Nurse," "Tawny the Vampire," and "Tawny the Mechanic." Best Bi/Gay videos are "Bathhouse" and "Bathhouse 2 and Blowbuddies." Carl is available as an Escort! Feel free to contact Carl in Las Vegas. You can call 702-325-4935, or email him at carlbig7plus@aol.com
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Fucking Two Slutty Bitches


Video: Fucking Two Slutty Bitches

12 Ratings

What a lucky guy Carl is to have these two horny women in his home. He leaves for . . .

American Ream Part 5


Video: American Ream Part 5

7 Ratings

In part 5 of American Ream, join Kelly as she gets pleasured like never before! Though . . .

Daizy Squirtz Soaks The Bed


Video: Daizy Squirtz Soaks The Bed

7 Ratings

Carl is always up for a new sexual experienced. That’s why it was no problem to . . .

Ashley's Oversexed


Video: Ashley's Oversexed

13 Ratings

Ashley’s husband sends her for Sex Counseling because she can’t stop fucking . . .

The Great British Gender Bender 2 Part 1


Video: The Great British Gender Bender 2 Part 1

7 Ratings

This is tranny action how you like it! Hot blondes, some hung transsexuals and a . . .

Sister Ho Gets Slutty


Video: Sister Ho Gets Slutty

9 Ratings

In some of those proverbial best-LAID plans . . . Sister Ho is fucking everyone around . . .

Slutty Neighbor Next Door


Video: Slutty Neighbor Next Door

8 Ratings

Carl meets his new neighbor, Connie, and learns that she’s an oversexed slut. Carl . . .

Novice Vampire Craves Anal


Video: Novice Vampire Craves Anal

12 Ratings

Count Carl requests a lady for dinner from an Escort Service and April is sent out. . . .

Pound My Cunt


Video: Pound My Cunt

13 Ratings

This is definitely a specific type of miniature golf that every couple should make . . .

Hot Babes And Big Cocks


Video: Hot Babes And Big Cocks

6 Ratings

Part 1: A gorgeous well-built babe is mounted by a well hung guy. She sucks his . . .

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