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Lust Films
Lust Films is a new production company based in Barcelona producing adult audiovisual material. We work with young urban model professionals approaching the world of sex with fresh, new, smart ideas. We select the script, the cast and crew of our productions thinking always in audiovisuals with style, humor, passion, glamour, design, and of course... SEX!
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Cabaret Desire


Video: Cabaret Desire

2014 AVN Award Nominee for Best Cinematography.
2012 Feminist Porn . . .

84 Ratings



Video: Handcuffs
First 8 Minutes Free

"HANDCUFFS" is a short film written and directed by Erika Lust and photographed by . . .

50 Ratings

Life, Love, Lust


Video: Life, Love, Lust

2011 Feminist Porn Award Winner

LIFE LOVE LUST consists of three

. . .

76 Ratings

Barcelona Sex Project


Video: Barcelona Sex Project

2009 Feminist Porn Award Nominee.

2008 eLINE award winner for . . .

35 Ratings

The Good Girl


Video: The Good Girl

Alex (Claudia Claire) is a smart and successful businesswoman, a good girl who thinks . . .

81 Ratings
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