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Betty & Meat


Video: Betty & Meat

Betty treats Meat like a piece of meat as she puts him through an ordeal of electro-stimulation, . . .

Stars: ,

16 Ratings

Erotic Electro Stimulation Girls Volume 1


Video: Erotic Electro Stimulation Girls Volume 1

Watch these girls as they use Paradise Electro Stimulation's world famous Erotic . . .

24 Ratings

Electro Affairs


Video: Electro Affairs

Electro-Stimulation is the new start of the art fetish that is bringing the possibilities . . .

22 Ratings

Electric Ride


Video: Electric Ride

Buckle up and hang on tight as you watch a young girl's first romping experience . . .

24 Ratings

Electro Sex


Video: Electro Sex

Introducing a new state of the art technology... Electro-Stimulation! The possibilities . . .

56 Ratings

Latex Electrical Sluts


Video: Latex Electrical Sluts

Watch as Mistress Ashley takes Natasha, her latex clad submissive, through an introduction . . .

77 Ratings
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