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Did you ever find yourself watching girls smoking cigarettes across a bar (when you could still smoke in clubs), captivated every time she'd take a deep inhale, amazed when she'd blow out a thick stream of smoke? If so, chances are you are have the smoking fetish.

In a time when the prevailing culture seems to favor those that want to quit smoking, a growing number of smoking fetish adherents are discovering that the only place they can go to watch girls smoking taking French inhales, deep drags with nostril exhales, multiple drags, open mouth dangles and snaps is on the web. That's where we come in.

Whether you like to watching girls smoking , lighting a cigarette and blowing smoke rings or you get off on watching smoky blow jobs, we have a Dragginlady for you. Now, during the time that Dragonladies has been online, we've received numerous requests for everything including corks smokers, girls smoking cigars, chicks chewing tobacco and girls smoking hookahs. We've even heard from guys who get off on babes smoking pot and girls smoking with their pussies. While we respect all of these smoking fetish related requests, we've stuck to what we specialize in, which is: girls smoking luxuriously long white 120 cigarettes. We invite you to enjoy our collection.

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Dragginladies - Kyanne Lee

Video: Dragginladies - Kyanne Lee

Kyanna has caused quite a stir on the site's message board. Mostly, she knocked some . . .


11 Ratings

Dragginladies - Elkie

Video: Dragginladies - Elkie

Elkie's eyes were blazin' hot blue and with that blonde hair and with the way she . . .


12 Ratings

Dragginladies - Rae Malaya

Video: Dragginladies - Rae Malaya

Got smoke? I had to expose that I love white against girls lips in more than the . . .


10 Ratings

Dragginladies - Domino III

Video: Dragginladies - Domino III

So I was right. Domino was kick-ass! She was so cool she just loves to have a blast . . .


25 Ratings

Dragginladies - Iris

Video: Dragginladies - Iris

With a cute as hell little body, a sweet demeanor and eyes that could melt stone, . . .


8 Ratings

Dragginladies - Redd

Video: Dragginladies - Redd

Redd's video is here and is a wonderful addition to our catalog. Those lips are . . .


8 Ratings

Dragginladies - Becca Lynne

Video: Dragginladies - Becca Lynne

HDL Productions is proud to bring you Becca Lynne. This girl reminds me so much . . .


15 Ratings

Dragginladies - Angelina Dee

Video: Dragginladies - Angelina Dee

When we first met Angelina, she'd be a smoking girl for just a week or two. By the . . .


3 Ratings

Dragginladies - Domino II

Video: Dragginladies - Domino II

Look who's back? This time she's not around the house but she was all over the Dragginladies . . .


13 Ratings

Dragginladies - Khloe Lin II

Video: Dragginladies - Khloe Lin II

This young nasty cigarette-smoking lady came to us via Dick of the same name. She . . .


7 Ratings
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