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ZFX Productions
Founded in 1991, the name ZFX has become synonymous with high intensity bondage drama. Using movie magic, iconoclast director Rick Masters paints vivid BD/SM images that go beyond the real with a Sci-Fi and supernatural flair. At times darkly comic, and often downright scary, ZFX films are the ultimate expression in the female submissive genre.

With 'ZFX Productions,' mind-bending narratives have the potential to inspire customers who usually go from scene to scene to actually ...

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Shadow Army


Video: Shadow Army

31 Ratings
Premium Title

Director Rick Masters, a genuine master of the macabre, has returned with his first . . .

Suffer For Your Art


Video: Suffer For Your Art

24 Ratings
Premium Title

This beautiful artist is busy with her latest project when three horny intruders . . .

Chamber Of Horrors


Video: Chamber Of Horrors

30 Ratings
Premium Title

When beautiful Alexaa Master's mysterious uncle meets an untimely demise, she learns . . .

Goon Squad 2: Patriot Acts


Video: Goon Squad 2: Patriot Acts

110 Ratings
Premium Title

The much anticipated sequel to Goon Squad, ZFX's first new series in over . . .

Goon Squad


Video: Goon Squad

109 Ratings
Premium Title

After a devastating terrorist attack, the United States is plunged into a perpetual . . .

Guinea Pigs III


Video: Guinea Pigs III

36 Ratings
Premium Title

Two beautiful co-eds get more than they bargained for as squirming test subjects . . .

Vostock Core


Video: Vostock Core

28 Ratings
Premium Title

Two beauties suffer at the hands of sadistic miners deep underground in a future . . .

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


Video: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

17 Ratings
Premium Title

When video technician Bill Smith gets a "Dear John" letter from his wife, who, on . . .

The Hitchiker


Video: The Hitchiker

58 Ratings
Premium Title

Kimberly is just another pretty blonde hitchhiker on a lonely road late at night. . . .

Ms Cox


Video: Ms Cox

15 Ratings
Premium Title

Set in the not too distant future, colleges have become state run institutions of . . .

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