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Colmax brings you only the hottest French and Italian erotic adult videos. Our models are statuesque beauties ready to strip down and fulfil your hearts desire. Fantasy play, everything from doctors and nurses to superheroes, many Colmax features are plot orientated to help sweep you away into orgasmic bliss.

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Claudine (French)


Video: Claudine (French)

Step into a wild, fantasy-fetish world where reality become blurred and bizarre as . . .

38 Ratings



Video: Prison

Few films have dared to lift the veil from the sexual hell of prisons. Colmax has . . .

236 Ratings

Sens Interdits


Video: Sens Interdits

Pridish Edwige's discovery of sodomy is something you have just got to see! Along . . .

80 Ratings



Video: Arabica

The most beautiful girls in the world are slaves in a prince's harem and they only . . .

63 Ratings

Vacances Aux Caraibes


Video: Vacances Aux Caraibes

In a complex hotel of luxury in the Caribbean, charming tourists discover the numerous . . .

27 Ratings

La Grange Aux Louves


Video: La Grange Aux Louves

Italy is known for the incredible food, and for their incredibly sexy women. La Grange . . .

50 Ratings

Nuits Blanches


Video: Nuits Blanches

Wanting nothing to do with his beautiful wife, spurning her love, attention, and . . .

51 Ratings

Italie Folies 2


Video: Italie Folies 2

Ready for something a bit more complex? Take a look at this French masterpiece! The . . .

42 Ratings



Video: Otages

Two young, perverse, armed hooligans break into the residence of a middle-class family. . . .

770 Ratings

Supplices Italiens 2


Video: Supplices Italiens 2

Things get deviant and complicated when a group of workers mix business with pleasure. . . .

24 Ratings
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