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American Damsels
American Damsels features adult bondage videos by Jon Woods; story-driven bondage tales as well as vignette collections, all starring sexy bound and gagged damsels in distress.
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Costume Party Peril


Video: Costume Party Peril

Heiress Goldie Blair hires P.I. Alexis Taylor and her assistant Hollywood to handle . . .

62 Ratings

The Color Of Danger


Video: The Color Of Danger

In this story by MG, Special Agent Alexis Taylor tries to teach new agent Cassandra . . .

88 Ratings

The Unexpected Game


Video: The Unexpected Game

A Bondage Double-Feature! - - - "The Unexpected Game": At a kinky party, dominatrix . . .

69 Ratings

Future Tension


Video: Future Tension

In the near future, the world president's wife (Stacy Burke) has been targeted for . . .

71 Ratings

A Change In Plans


Video: A Change In Plans

Goldie hires private eyes Cassandra and Alexis for a very unusual case. She wants . . .

64 Ratings

Catch A Thief


Video: Catch A Thief

Detective Amber Michaels is hot on the trail of notorious jewel thief Lindsey Sinclaire. . . .

82 Ratings

Bikini Bound


Video: Bikini Bound

Onscreen bondage, onscreen gagging, thong bikinis, toplessness and more! - - - Gorgeous . . .

110 Ratings

The Naughty Secretary


Video: The Naughty Secretary

Featuring onscreen bondage, onscreen gagging, pantyhose, toplessness and more! This . . .

100 Ratings
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