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  1. Sorority Hellion
  2. Motivational Spanking
  3. The Haughty Girl
Shadow Lane

Shadow Lane has produced it's own exclusive line of over the knee spanking videos since 1986. Featuring models Kiri Kelly and Tanya Foxx back in the late 1980's, Shadow Lane discovery Jennifer Brooks in the 1990s to current day spanking starletts such as Samantha Woodley, Sierra Salem, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda.

Our videos are written and directed by Eve Howard, original editor of Spank Hard, Chastise and Stand Corrected magazines, and edited by Tony Elka. Spankee models ...

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Sorority Hellion


Video: Sorority Hellion
Premium Title

A beautiful brunnete coed with a nice behind is caught masturbating. She’s spanked, . . .

3 Ratings

Motivational Spanking


Video: Motivational Spanking
Premium Title

Nowadays, baby boomers often get stuck with their insufferable children living at . . .

8 Ratings

The Haughty Girl


Video: The Haughty Girl
Premium Title

An arrogant British beauty is taken in hand by her strict boss in a spanking tour . . .

11 Ratings

Summer School Blues


Video: Summer School Blues
Premium Title

Here’s something that our parents might look at with a nod of approval! Classic . . .

11 Ratings

Caught In A Lie


Video: Caught In A Lie
Premium Title

A spoiled, idle, and not to mention, rather voluptuous, housewife who loves showing . . .

8 Ratings

The Petite Protegee


Video: The Petite Protegee
Premium Title

A strict, smart brunette Amazon spanks, straps, paddles and enforces both nudity . . .

15 Ratings

Step Mommy Severest


Video: Step Mommy Severest
Premium Title

Chris has been sparing the rod with her step-daughter long enough! She's had enough . . .

17 Ratings

Stephanie's Whipping Girl


Video: Stephanie's Whipping Girl
Premium Title

With over the knee spanking, tickling, nude bondage, flogging, nipple tweaking, hair . . .

14 Ratings

Female Spanking Triangle


Video: Female Spanking Triangle

Adult superstar Porche Lynn gives a ladylike performance as the dominant older woman . . .

16 Ratings

Careless Lips


Video: Careless Lips
Premium Title

Starring Cheyenne Jewel and Sophia Locke - Featuring Spanking and Dildo Discipline! . . .

24 Ratings
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