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18 & 19 Year Old Dommes 1

Video: 18 & 19 Year Old Dommes 1

These girls order out for a foot worshiper the way you call to order for a pizza. . . .


18 Ratings

Mommy Mistress

Video: Mommy Mistress

Some guys like to give a girl a foot-massage as a sign of affection, but this guy . . .


14 Ratings

Boyfriend Turned Footboy

Video: Boyfriend Turned Footboy

Welcome to Real-Life Situations of Female Domination & Girl Power in natural settings!!! . . .


14 Ratings

Princess Roxy's Videos

Video: Princess Roxy's Videos

If you think Spitboy has encountered torment before then you haven't seen anything . . .


23 Ratings

Complete Asian Humiliation

Video: Complete Asian Humiliation

Spitboy is about to get tormented like he never has before by a sadistic bunch of . . .


14 Ratings

19 Girls Spitting

Video: 19 Girls Spitting

Talk about someone who really knows how to endure sadistic acts of humiliation. Spitboy . . .


25 Ratings