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Jewell Marceau

I am world-renowned fetish model, actress, and performer Jewell Marceau. I have been building my career as a fetish performer since 1996. I first started modeling in the Los Angeles area and as my career has grown, my work has taken me all across the world to model for the top Bondage Producers that exist on the web today -- and it still keeps me incredibly busy and continuously traveling. I have appeared in countless fetish magazines, such as the old Bondage Life mags, Skin 2, Bizarre, ...

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Video: Ransomed

Jewell Marceau has found sweet, young and pure, blossom Proxy Paige and now has her . . .

9 Ratings

New Property


Video: New Property

The seductively dominant Jewell Marceau calls for an agent to help her rent her house, . . .

17 Ratings

Jewell Meets The Vicious Lovers


Video: Jewell Meets The Vicious Lovers

Jewell was all excited about her date. But poor Jewell was tricked into thinking . . .

9 Ratings

Holiday Kink


Video: Holiday Kink

Stacy Burke is excited to come home and discover her Christmas presents have arrived . . .

12 Ratings

Nylon Secretary Lovers


Video: Nylon Secretary Lovers

Christina Carter is very turned on by the new girl in the office Anastasia Pierce . . .

15 Ratings

Tape Bound 2


Video: Tape Bound 2

Armed with more evil, strong tape, this vicious intruder strikes again as he captures . . .

8 Ratings

Date Night


Video: Date Night

Jewell Marceau is feeling lonely and horny tonight, so she makes a call to arrange . . .

12 Ratings

Shoe Obsession


Video: Shoe Obsession

Mary Jane will never forget the sadistic shenanigans that ensue form the search for . . .

16 Ratings

A Cheerleader's Fetish Fantasy


Video: A Cheerleader's Fetish Fantasy

Jewell Marceau's biggest secret has gotten out to the neighborhood. She loves to . . .

6 Ratings

Punished Property


Video: Punished Property

Jewell Marceau has lost her freedom after she gets home from being out. She has two . . .

10 Ratings
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