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Domina M's Doormat Roommate


Video: Domina M's Doormat Roommate

Domina M is getting ready for a hot date with a tall and beautiful lawyer but in . . .


8 Ratings

Cold Hearted Sadists 5


Video: Cold Hearted Sadists 5

In the first scene Mistress Kat 9 has Bart over her lap for some hand spanking and . . .

4 Ratings

The Sorceress Torture Chamber


Video: The Sorceress Torture Chamber

Set in a medieval dungeon, the seducing sorceress (Mistress Panora) have caught the . . .

8 Ratings

Syren Hairbrush Scenes 2


Video: Syren Hairbrush Scenes 2

Syren Productions has compiled a collection of their sexiest, naughtiest spanking . . .

9 Ratings

Mistress Seven's Playtoy


Video: Mistress Seven's Playtoy

Mistress Seven brings out her latex-clad new playtoy for some relentless domination. . . .

10 Ratings

Paddling & Whipping Galore


Video: Paddling & Whipping Galore

The ever-so-hot-yet-dangerously seductive Mistress Brooklyn ties Bart to her whipping . . .

4 Ratings

Cold Hearted Sadists


Video: Cold Hearted Sadists

Featuring some seriously hard caning, brush-beating, paddling, whipping and birching . . .

8 Ratings

Paddled By Persephone


Video: Paddled By Persephone

Someone has been caught being a very naughty boy - and this Mistress knows just what . . .

8 Ratings

A Confused Slut


Video: A Confused Slut

Mistress Norma Jean drags her sissy maid up the stair with a collar and leash on . . .

9 Ratings

Syren Strapping Scenes


Video: Syren Strapping Scenes

Sit your submissive ass down and prepare to be pushed to the limits of your endurance . . .

8 Ratings
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