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  1. Brothel For Women (French Language)
  2. Take Me! (French Language)
  3. Power Sex Couples (French Language)
  4. Sex On The Ski Slopes (English Language)
  5. Hot Young Widows 2 (French Language)
  6. Hot Young Widows (French Language)
  7. Intimate Lingerie (French Language)
  8. Everything Goes (English Language)
Alpha France

ALPHA FRANCE was founded in 1970 by Francis Mischkind and began producing 35mm erotic films in 1972. 1975 marked the beginning of a move towards hard-core productions with the release of Pussy Talk. The must-see classic Pussy Talk premiered in the USA at New York's World Theatre and was a tremendous success.

Between 1976 and ...

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Brothel For Women (French Language)


Video: Brothel For Women (French Language)
Premium Title

Elisabeth Bure, Julia Perrin and Cathy Stewart are hard working girls out to satisfy . . .

5 Ratings

Take Me! (French Language)


Video: Take Me! (French Language)

Selling their charms from a mansion is getting tougher and tougher for these 4 pretty . . .

11 Ratings

Power Sex Couples (French Language)


Video: Power Sex Couples (French Language)
Premium Title

Jacques is summoned by his boss to transfer to Paris. Very soon he discovers and . . .

7 Ratings

Sex On The Ski Slopes (English Language)


Video: Sex On The Ski Slopes (English Language)
Premium Title

In order to not go skiing solo, Michel speaks to Mrs. Paul who finds him a girl for . . .

10 Ratings

Hot Young Widows 2 (French Language)


Video: Hot Young Widows 2 (French Language)
Premium Title

Released as "Les Retour Des Vveuves"
Awesome sequel whose debut was also
. . .

13 Ratings

Hot Young Widows (French Language)


Video: Hot Young Widows (French Language)
Premium Title

Released as "Veuves En Chaleur"
Seducing widows - what could be easier?
. . .

9 Ratings

Intimate Lingerie (French Language)


Video: Intimate Lingerie (French Language)
Premium Title

Marc, the owner of a swanky lingerie shop finds out the hard way that women will . . .

7 Ratings

Everything Goes (English Language)


Video: Everything Goes (English Language)
Premium Title

Jack and Annie have been married for ten years and own a small clothing store. The . . .

10 Ratings

The Nurse (French Language)


Video: The Nurse (French Language)
Premium Title

She’s not dressed in uniform, and doesn’t step foot inside a hospital, but Cathy . . .

11 Ratings

The Initiation Of Rosalie (French Language)


Video: The Initiation Of Rosalie (French Language)
Premium Title

Rosalie has not forgotten her first hot and heavy encounter with her fiance on the . . .

10 Ratings
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