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Juicy Chicks is dedicated to bringing you the hottest hardcore content anywhere. Straight sex scenes with males and females either one on one, two on one or multiple partners. With series like "Pure Excitement" and "Just T&A" you know you're in for an amazingly hot wall to wall fuck fest of epic proportions!

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Giving It All


Video: Giving It All

Giving it All features five scenes of truly hardcore sex starring Angelica Sin, Naudia . . .

15 Ratings

Ready When You Are


Video: Ready When You Are

Trixie Kelly is wearing a yellow bikini, she instructs the men to sit back and watch . . .

14 Ratings

Like What You See?


Video: Like What You See?

The cover art of this amazing film may hide the girl's privates with an animated . . .

15 Ratings

Bad As We Wanna Be


Video: Bad As We Wanna Be

The best at bad is what they are and being as bad as they want to be is a vague of . . .

15 Ratings

Hot & Ready To Go


Video: Hot & Ready To Go

When girls are warmed up and prepared to take a pussy or anal pounding they're Hot . . .

9 Ratings

I Like It When You


Video: I Like It When You

Desiree, Kathleen, Karly London, Vanessa Videl, and Angela Costello all have one . . .

8 Ratings

We'll Do Anything For You


Video: We'll Do Anything For You

Juicy-Chicks.com is here to present a handful of beautiful and erotic women who are . . .

13 Ratings

Want Some, Come And Get It


Video: Want Some, Come And Get It

Juicy-Chicks.com is here to present "Want Some, Come and Get it". And like the title . . .

11 Ratings

It's A Sexy, Sexy World


Video: It's A Sexy, Sexy World

It is, indeed, a sexy, sexy world when these babes walk the Earth! Watch redheads, . . .

11 Ratings

Nuttin' But Pleasure


Video: Nuttin' But Pleasure

Juicy Chicks want it bad! Five hot scenes of nonstop sucking and fucking. These chicks . . .

14 Ratings
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