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Salieri Entertainment

Salieri Entertainment is a famous Italian hardcore movie production company, founded and managed by Mario Salieri, acclaimed hardcore director, awarded with several prizes in the adult entertainment, Salieri has made hundreds of films. Salieri Entertainment specializes in hardcore feature films, that offer an erotic tinge to haunting story lines.

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La Villa Del Piacere


Video: La Villa Del Piacere

We have one of the best lounging areas to visit during any one vacation. Little does . . .

21 Ratings

Stavros 2 (Italian)


Video: Stavros 2 (Italian)

Mario Salieri, one of the greatest porn directors from Italy, brings you the sequel . . .

57 Ratings

Black Cops In Budapest


Video: Black Cops In Budapest

Black cops in Budapest has some of the hottest cocks on the prowl looking for something . . .

38 Ratings

La Contessa Gamiani


Video: La Contessa Gamiani

This is an exciting period film directed by the notorious Luca Damiano and starring . . .

30 Ratings

Venice Masquerade


Video: Venice Masquerade

It's time for one of the sexiest costume parties of the year! And we all know there's . . .

13 Ratings

Le Intoccabili


Video: Le Intoccabili

These men are hard, macho and think they are untouchable! So these gals take matters . . .

23 Ratings

Dark Queen


Video: Dark Queen

By daylight she is a mild-mannered, uptight secretary that gets taken advantage of . . .

36 Ratings

Lezioni Di Musica


Video: Lezioni Di Musica

Roxanne, looking very young, is the niece of Beatrice Poggi who employs a young man . . .

19 Ratings

Vanessa Tragedia Sessuale


Video: Vanessa Tragedia Sessuale

Salieri Entertainment presents "Vanessa Tragedia Sessuale", starring Remigio Zampa, . . .

11 Ratings

Midnight Obsession


Video: Midnight Obsession

When a young American woman gets caught attempting to smuggle contraband across borders, . . .

39 Ratings
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