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Elite Pain

Elite Pain is an adult studio dedicated to the a higher level of pain, BDSM and art than you'll find in another fetish studio. Our hit series, Elite Club and Pain Factory are the stuff of sweet sweet sadomasochistic dreams. So step right up and prepare for a taste of Elite Pain.

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Education Part 2


Video: Education Part 2
Premium Title

This is volume 2 of the special release of the EliteClub series showing the first . . .

24 Ratings

Suzie's BDSM Mini-Game


Video: Suzie's BDSM Mini-Game
Premium Title

We found our new game so exciting that, after a nice shooting, we played this with . . .

4 Ratings

BB's BDSM Mini-Game


Video: BB's BDSM Mini-Game
Premium Title

After one of Bertha Black's EP shoots, she was not completely satisfied. So we invented . . .

6 Ratings

Battling Doubles 2


Video: Battling Doubles 2
Premium Title

This is the second part of our new game show! Teams of doubles compete against each . . .

2 Ratings

Pain Factory 3


Video: Pain Factory 3
Premium Title

Third edition of our special 'punishment game show': This time FIVE girls may win . . .

7 Ratings

Life In The Elite Club Part 2


Video: Life In The Elite Club Part 2
Premium Title

This second part of a 2-part special release will let you to sneak peek into the . . .

16 Ratings

Kinga's Mini-Game


Video: Kinga's Mini-Game
Premium Title

The rules of our fourth mini-game are as follows. We have 9 papers, on each paper . . .

8 Ratings

Dr. Lomp Part 1


Video: Dr. Lomp Part 1
Premium Title

Dr. Lomp, the leader of the EliteClub, practices as psychiatrist too. His methods . . .

22 Ratings

Battling Doubles 1


Video: Battling Doubles 1 This title is only available in licensed territories.
Premium Title

We have a new exciting game show again! Teams of doubles compete against each other. . . .

15 Ratings
This title is only available in licensed territories.

The Competition


Video: The Competition
Premium Title

The rules of this competition are simple. There are six forms of punishment: Butt . . .

17 Ratings
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