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Kim's Amateurs
At the heart of Kim's Amateurs is, of course, Kim.

While wildly popular with fans (especially in the U.K.) Kim is only a "porn star" in the academic sense of the phrase. Instead, she and her husband John are genuine, lifestyle swingers who began taping their exploits simply for the fun of it. Now, after shooting hundreds of scenes (which has until now been exclusive to her website and a few compilation DVD's), these singular films are now available here for your ...

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Audrey Marshall


Video: Audrey Marshall

No mucking about! Things start right off with Audrey's boy-toy sucking her tasty . . .

13 Ratings

Granny Fun


Video: Granny Fun

When Kim goes mature, she doesn't mess around! In "Granny Fun" we're lucky enough . . .

26 Ratings

Dirty Couples Volume 2


Video: Dirty Couples Volume 2

This dirty couple has decided to use the names "Bumble Bee" (lady) and "Sex Junkie" . . .

28 Ratings

Dirty Diana


Video: Dirty Diana

Kim's Amateurs present "Dirty Diana", starring Kim and Diana. Dirty Diana wanted . . .

Stars: ,

18 Ratings

Dirty Housewives Volume 2


Video: Dirty Housewives Volume 2

This one is easily one of Kim's greatest films to date. In this show, two of her . . .

21 Ratings

Kim's Klips #1


Video: Kim's Klips #1

In Kim's Klips #1, Kim certainly gets her fill of cock! And why not? She's an absolute . . .


13 Ratings

Dirty Couples Volume 3


Video: Dirty Couples Volume 3

Tina and Mark are real swingers that are kind enough to let us watch their exploits . . .

Stars: , ,

27 Ratings

A Night With Julie Starr


Video: A Night With Julie Starr

Julie is a true amateur sex fiend. She's a big beautiful woman with auburn hair . . .

25 Ratings

The Handyman


Video: The Handyman

In this film, Kim takes on a bit of role play. She hires a young stud as her handyman . . .


24 Ratings

Tony's 10 Inches


Video: Tony's 10 Inches

Tony, an enthusiastic and young black stud, comes round to Kim's place to give her . . .

Stars: , ,

36 Ratings
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