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Caballero Video

Starting September 2004 Caballero Video will offer up a coordinated one-two punch in the hopes of satisfying a younger, fresher customer they believe is interested in high production values from both yesterday and today.

Sales Manager Dick Lane tells AVN.com Caballero plans a new release line, to be called Fever. Something classy. We know we want something that will stand out among the other lines that are out there. As conceived at this moment, Fever will debut in October. The ...

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Young Girls In Tight Jeans And Deep Trouble


Video: Young Girls In Tight Jeans And Deep Trouble

Have you ever had the fantasy of designing your own X-Rated movie? Well, a veteran . . .

46 Ratings

The Adventures Of Mikki Finn


Video: The Adventures Of Mikki Finn

Sexy, naive Mikki Finn is looking to be discovered. But nothing back home could have . . .

60 Ratings

Ginger Lynn - The Queen Of Erotica


Video: Ginger Lynn - The Queen Of Erotica

With her blonde hair and green eyes, you can't help but be seduced by porn's golden . . .

49 Ratings

Prime Time


Video: Prime Time

A television show within a movie makes for a rather interesting conundrum. The hum-drum . . .

28 Ratings

Miami Spice


Video: Miami Spice

AVN Top 500 - Those Miami Spice girls sure have a nose for torrid trouble! Agents . . .

100 Ratings



Video: Secrets

Beverly Hills is teeming with more wealth and power than imaginable, along with some . . .

145 Ratings

Pandora's Mirror


Video: Pandora's Mirror

Pandora goes to an antique furniture store and discovers a remarkable mirror. The . . .

95 Ratings

Hot Nurses


Video: Hot Nurses

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! They're always ready for intensive care! Well, . . .

50 Ratings

The Nymphette


Video: The Nymphette

Run your hands all over the soft curves of her body and caress her voluptuous breasts. . . .

28 Ratings

The Love Nest


Video: The Love Nest

The high price of urban housing has its erotic consequences! When Rachel Ryan and . . .

42 Ratings
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