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  1. American Hustle - XXX Porn Parody
  2. Daddy's Home 2
Smash Pictures

Smash Pictures, founded in 2001 by president Dan Quinn and ran by VP Stuart Wall, is a leader in the niche market of porn, has fast become known for its parodies, romance films & and fantasy based themes for those that like to see the girl of their dreams dressed up as a Nurse, Nanny, Secretary, wearing glasses to Tabu family themes.

Smash recently won “Best All Sex Release” for Whale Tail 6 at the 2014 Xbiz Awards.

We just announced the filming of our parody of the ...

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American Hustle - XXX Porn Parody


Video: American Hustle - XXX Porn Parody

2015 XBIZ Award Nominee for Best Director of the Year - Parody Release - Will

. . .

29 Ratings

Daddy's Home 2


Video: Daddy's Home 2

When you’re a young woman and your mother remarries – you never dreamed he would . . .

33 Ratings

Owner Gets Clipped - XXX Parody


Video: Owner Gets Clipped - XXX Parody

2015 XBIZ Award Nominee for Parody Release of the Year - Comedy.

In . . .

22 Ratings

Whale Tail


Video: Whale Tail

There she blows, there's no mistaking the sight of a whale tail! Next time your out . . .

370 Ratings

Oriental Oooze


Video: Oriental Oooze

Watch these hot Asian chicks take loads of hot man juice all over their baby faces. . . .

9 Ratings

Black Hole Attack


Video: Black Hole Attack

It's hard to avoid the subject of Black Hole Attack. Right from the start black holes . . .

20 Ratings

Whale Tail #2


Video: Whale Tail #2

Nothing begs to be fucked more than a pretty girl with her thong pulled up above . . .

184 Ratings

Mommy Does Me


Video: Mommy Does Me

When a father (Steven St. Croix) starts an affair with his (rather buxom) adopted . . .

76 Ratings

Swinging Gangbang


Video: Swinging Gangbang

These girls don't want just one cock - they want a LOT of cock! That can only mean . . .

42 Ratings

Big Butt Slide


Video: Big Butt Slide

2015 XBIZ Award Nominee for All-Sex Release of the Year.

Wet and Oiled . . .

22 Ratings
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