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Hotgold is the leading Portuguese company in adult entertainment, having received the enterprise excellence award in 2010. Hotgold is the only global player for adult content in Portugal, assuming an integrated presence of its products in all distribution platforms, whether the more traditional, such as renting and direct sales, as well as the latest and emerging technologies like the internet systems, video on demand, pay per view, pay per minute, subscription, mobile and pay TV through its ... (more)
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Hot Sex - Lingerie


Video: Hot Sex - Lingerie

These ladies wear their nights best to bed because they want to seduce their men . . .

11 Ratings

Cooking And Fucking


Video: Cooking And Fucking

Who says that you can’t mix good sex with mouth watering food! Watch as these chefs . . .

10 Ratings

Surf's Up


Video: Surf's Up

Welcome to Portugal, home of some of the best waves in the world. These surfers . . .

8 Ratings

Hot Sex - Fashion


Video: Hot Sex - Fashion

Hot Fashion – Sex proves that hot sex is, in fact, fashionable. These eight hardcore . . .

6 Ratings

Sa Leao in Casting at the Little Star Hotel - Stefany


Video: Sa Leao in Casting at the Little Star Hotel - Stefany

Briza, Renata, and Stefany are all being cast by acclaimed and famous Portuguese . . .

8 Ratings

Hot Sex - Bikinis


Video: Hot Sex - Bikinis

Four sexy Brazilian starlets are showing off their hot bodies in bikinis! Watch cover . . .

13 Ratings

Sa Leao At The Lisbon Erotic Festival


Video: Sa Leao At The Lisbon Erotic Festival

Sa Leao is one of the best known porn directors in Portugal, and he likes to be where . . .

9 Ratings

Homemade Portuguese Couples Vol. 1


Video: Homemade Portuguese Couples Vol. 1

Hotgold Studios is very excited to introduce you to Homemade Portuguese Couples Volume . . .

6 Ratings

Portuguese Sex Auditions Vol.1


Video: Portuguese Sex Auditions Vol.1

The Portuguese sex auditions is here, and ready with a big comfy couch for women . . .

11 Ratings

Hot Sex - 2 in 1


Video: Hot Sex - 2 in 1

These 10 scenes are relentless MMF and FFM threesomes! So much cum and sweat went . . .

11 Ratings
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