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  1. Wet In The Morning
  2. Lusting
  3. When Lust Takes Over
  4. Ready For The Taking
  5. Buxom Temptress
  6. Client Seduction
  7. Hungry For Him
  8. Sauna Love
  9. Old Flame
  10. A Christmas Treat
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Wet In The Morning


Video: Wet In The Morning

It was an early Monday morning and as they came out of the peaceful slumber, ready . . .

7 Ratings



Video: Lusting

Adriana is hungry for earth – shattering orgasms and luckily for her George is . . .

9 Ratings

When Lust Takes Over


Video: When Lust Takes Over

Lust is one of the most powerful of emotions that a person can experience! The lust . . .

13 Ratings

Ready For The Taking


Video: Ready For The Taking

Adriana is looking exceptionally sexy today as she sports natural stockings and high . . .

Stars: ,

11 Ratings

Buxom Temptress


Video: Buxom Temptress

We have all been there, your lover is in the shower so you put on your sexiest lingerie . . .

Stars: ,

10 Ratings

Client Seduction


Video: Client Seduction

What a pleasure to watch Rachel and Thomas. They just could not wait to undress, . . .

Stars: ,

8 Ratings

Hungry For Him


Video: Hungry For Him

Nancy and Steve enjoy spending some quality time together so when they lay on the . . .

Stars: ,

13 Ratings

Sauna Love


Video: Sauna Love

They were meant to just be relaxing before their scene but seeing their increasing . . .

Stars: ,

19 Ratings

Old Flame


Video: Old Flame

Olivia came to us in need of pleasure, wanting to be made to feel like the sexy goddess . . .

10 Ratings

A Christmas Treat


Video: A Christmas Treat

Christmas is a time of warmth and celebration despite the cold contradictory weather . . .

Stars: ,

10 Ratings
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