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Philly Amateurs
Philly Amateurs was founded by Tony Chiu in 2001. The main objective of Philly Amateurs is to provide people with an alternative to watching phony, scripted and unbelievable pornography films. The majority of the people on these films are the actors, directors and producers all in one. Some are truly amateurs. Only until recently Philly Amateurs has been able to hire professional amateurs to experienced porn stars. Tony Chiu was 15 when he first started thinking about making adult films professionally. The first two people he filmed were Dara and Kate, a pair of Temple University students.
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Birthday Sex Gift

Video: Birthday Sex Gift
Date Added: 2016-07-24

What’s the best part about birthdays once you’re an adult? Birthday sex, of course! . . .


12 Ratings

Winter Wonder-Lust

Video: Winter Wonder-Lust
Date Added: 2016-07-06

A hot young couple are so hot, they need to travel to the snowy mountains just keep . . .


5 Ratings

Public Sex Sessions

Video: Public Sex Sessions

Philly Amateurs presents Public Sex Sessions, showcasing a real-life couple . . .


8 Ratings

Antionette's Gang Bang Fantasy

Video: Antionette's Gang Bang Fantasy

In the first scene, Antionette tried out one of her lovers to see just what kind . . .


14 Ratings

Gang Bang My Hot Wife 5

Video: Gang Bang My Hot Wife 5

My Hot Wife cannot get enough of just one dick. In order for her to reach an orgasm, . . .


47 Ratings

Ass Fucking Fun 2

Video: Ass Fucking Fun 2

Super hot amateurs go at it with unbridled lust in a hotel room, and film the whole . . .


102 Ratings

Gangbang My Hot Wife #3

Video: Gangbang My Hot Wife #3

Another college student wife gone wild! Just 20 years old with a tight body and perky . . .


106 Ratings

Gangbang My Hot Wife #4

Video: Gangbang My Hot Wife #4

Nasty sluts come in all sizes, and cum in all states of marital bliss! What happens . . .


62 Ratings

Hot Nympho Gets Gang Banged

Video: Hot Nympho Gets Gang Banged

This beautiful little blonde nympho wants to try a gang bang. First she is on her . . .


45 Ratings

Ass Fucking Fun

Video: Ass Fucking Fun

This is a hot movie for all those who love hot young blondes with huge tits and just . . .


46 Ratings
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