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Retro Seduction Cinema
RETRO-SEDUCTION CINEMA features EROTIC CLASSICS from the 1960's through the 1980's specializing in the motion pictures of Joseph W. Sarno and Nick Philips.

Joe Sarno's INGA (1967) - and other RETRO-SEDUCTION titles - have been lovingly restored from the original negatives to new Hi-Definition Masters and are available now for the first time on VHS, DVD and On-Line Streaming (VOD)
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The Sexperts


Video: The Sexperts

Liz Adams (Lana Lynn) is willing to pay any price to make it on the Broadway stage. . . .

13 Ratings

Sexual Confessions (1970)


Video: Sexual Confessions (1970)

A housewife, Eve, visits Dr. Bushnell and explains that she has three distinct personalities. . . .

25 Ratings

The Seduction Of Inga


Video: The Seduction Of Inga

The Seduction of Inga (1969) is Joseph Sarno's sizzling and controversial sequel . . .

35 Ratings

Roxanna (1970)


Video: Roxanna (1970)

Roxanna is a conflicted woman. She loves the world of sex, bondage, and lesbianism, . . .

62 Ratings

Pleasures Of A Woman (1972)


Video: Pleasures Of A Woman (1972)

This is the original 1972 classic!!!

Martine wants her husband Brian's wealth.

. . .

71 Ratings

Sex Nurse


Video: Sex Nurse

Nurses have been a staple element in porn going back to the early 8mm loops. This . . .

33 Ratings

Love Camp


Video: Love Camp

Imagine the year is 1981 and you find yourself in the middle of a "free love" cult . . .

7 Ratings

The Exhibitionist


Video: The Exhibitionist

The Exhibitionist, filmed in 1977, is an amazing classic that you'll want in your . . .

8 Ratings

Satan's Daughter


Video: Satan's Daughter

In this animated live-action collection, the always inappropriate Uncle Farts and . . .

6 Ratings

Honky Tonk Nights


Video: Honky Tonk Nights

In this animated live-action collection, the always inappropriate Uncle Farts and . . .

7 Ratings
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