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Princess 69 - Midnight Gymnastics Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:59:37
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Tremble before "Gymnastics of Darkness" once again! Fubuki has been searching for his missing step-sister, Miku Haneoka. Looking for help, he finds none other than beautiful Tomomi, who explains the evils of the school gymnastics team and what they do in the gym after school. To infiltrate the team, Fubuki becomes a coach and meets with the team's captain, the tough Koyuki Fujimiya, but he has yet to witness the depravity of the gymnastics team and their constant orgies.
  • Scene 1 - 28 mins 3 secs


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  • Scene 2 - 30 mins 3 secs


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Comments on Princess 69 - Midnight Gymnastics

Editor's Review

Well it's officially October and way back in the day I promised I'd devote October to the scariest, grossest, most depraved hentai I could find in our coffers. That leaves me with a lot of potential choices, but this year we're graced with two particularly legendary series, "Night Shift Nurses" and "Princess 69." I'll get to the nurses later but I thought I'd start out with the lighter title "Princess 69 - Midnight Gymnastics."

A little background, "Midnight Gymnastics" is actually a sequel to the original "Princess 69%u2033 episodes and features a slightly different cast, slightly different motives, different art style and an entirely different feel - which is why I'm calling it the lighter title.

Where the original "Princess 69%u2033 focuses around the antics of a coach hell bent on the desire to bring out the ultimate eroticism in a special Midnight Gymnastics team given to him by the directors granddaughter, Tomomi; "Midnight Gymnastics" steams from a young man's (Fubuki) desire to save stepsister by pretending to be a girl in order to infiltrate the gymnastics team that is at the center of her disappearance.

Now keep in mind that you should never take hentai too seriously or attempt to repeat anything you've seen in it before. Seriously, if this stuff was marginally safe or even possible to do with people there wouldn't be as many dirty cartoons in the world. Examples in this film include body to body lock stepped en pointe ribbon work/ballet moves while fucking, I don't think the two best dancers alive could manage that but it's rather pretty to watch and even more erotic to contemplate and would likely cause a broken dick or ankle to try and emulate.

This time around Tomomi offers up more reasoning that in previous episodes. Where the first series makes it look like nothing more than an old pervert's most fervent dream come true, now Midnight Gymnastics is something that only the rich are in the know about. Still, as Tomomi describes it Midnight Gymnastics isn't something a proper high bred young lady like her should be interested in at all. Ah well - no one ever accused hentai of making sense.

In no time at all Fubuki is naked and at Tomomi's complete mercy. After a couple of orgasms, Tomomi insists that Fubuki takes over coaching her Midnight Gymnastics team. Of course Tomomi doesn't mention that Fubuki will have to attend the school as a girl, or that her real goal is to get Fubuki to recruit Koyuki for the team.

Fubuki seems like a terrible candidate for this, though he quickly relaxes into his female persona, Fubuki doesn't seem to have a mean or even particularly horny bone in his body. I don't see how he's supposed to seduce Koyuki at all. Rather Tomomi seems to delight in jerking him off with her hands, feet and mouth at any given opportunity right up till Tomomi stages a scene at the bridge, apparently she didn't think Fubuki could manage the seduction on his own either.

Using her fan club to set him up Tomomi has Fubuki place Koyuki, into a very compromising position. Tomomi tapes the whole thing and uses it as blackmail material to get Koyuki into her gymnastics team. Koyuki takes it rather well and afterward volunteers to let Fubuki train her for midnight gymnastics. "Women compete by showing off their beauty and sluttyness in Midnight Gymnastics," every time they say that I want to ask them if they're kidding. But the line "you have to be more careful with this thing, you almost snapped off my cock," almost makes up for it.

Later Fubuki seems to discover Tomomi's real secret. Is this horrible woman, actually doing these things because she's lonely? Has Tomomi been playing Fubuki all along? Or is there another motivation to each of their actions than either of them wants to admit?

Not so scary at all really, and though there is the shower scene that echo's back to the original "Princess 69," this is relatively tame fare in comparison. "Princess 69 - Midnight Gymnastics" gives the characters some depth and even makes an attempt to explain their motives, while still throwing in some scenes of gymnastics related fantasy sex. As hentai goes all in all I'd say it was actually a pretty good OVA not likely to scar or scare anyone, that feels complete on its own. My advice would be to definitely check it out but, uhm, stay away from the original as this sequel isn't at all indicative of it and that's a good thing.