I was born on the 15th of April 1954 in Radford, Virginia. I grew up in the town and attended high-school at the nearby town of Hopewell. My birth name is Dorothiea Hundley and it is with this name I went on to win many beauty pageants as a teenager. I had the nickname "Dottie" and it is with this that married and divorced when I was young. I ran an adult bookstore and, after complaining to her suppliers that I was more attractive than the models that were featured in the material I was selling to customers, I moved from that area of Virginia to Las Vegas in the 1970's. While there I did a nude layout for a magazine which brought me major attention along with my first offer of shooting a movie while I was still in her my early 20's. It was soon after this that I moved to Los Angeles with the person I had been living with for a few years so that I could work full time on furthering my career in the nude modeling industry, under the stage name "SEKA".

I chose this due to it being a reference to a kind girl ("little sweetheart" or "little darling") in Serbo-Croatian (although the name also means 'symbol' in the Sesotho language of South Africa). My transgression into pornography came at a time (1978, when I was in my 20's) when the entire industry was changing from 35mm film to video and due to this added exposure I became one of the most popular stars of the time, performing early in my career in films with the late John Holmes (I said in interviews since that Holmes had the biggest penis I have ever seen). This explosion in publicity led to some what of wild lifestyle .This lifestyle continued for a couple of years. Then I became more responsible and focused on my career in adult movies and my life in general.


Seka is credited with performing in just under 180 adult videos (178) and directing just 2, although she claims that only 50 of these are original appearances with the rest being recycled by distributors (this claim is most likely to be true due to the trend of the time, which continues to this very day, of reusing previously shot material for new videos to save money). The material in her films throughout her career vary tremendously, ranging from anal sex and gangbangs to double penetration (DP) and lesbian shoots. She was also a pioneer in the trend of shaven pubic hair, which is a common trait of today's movies, but was extremely rare at the time.

She appeared frequently in the Swedish Erotica series (distributed by Caballero) ranging from volume 11 all the way up to volume 48. Other series she has appeared in numerous times include Blue Vanities (sporadically from volume 3 to volume 85) and Erotica Collection. Seka has directed Careful He May be Watching, released in 1987 and distributed by Caballero which she has stated has won numerous awards, she also has directed Inside Seka, released in 1980 and distributed by Video-X-pix. Both films are still in production and available to purchase online. In the same year Inside Seka was released, she appeared in 24 films and 37 the year after, these two were to be her most active of her career. They were capped with the collapse of her second marriage to the controlling Ken Yontz and another struggle with addictions this culminated in the 1987 release Careful He May be Watching being the last film in the decade for the 'Platinum Princess'.

Due to her problems, in 1982 she stepped away from her career and stated that she wasn't paid well enough to appear, in this gap she resorted to stripping and nude modeling. In this time she also worked on growing her fan club (which turned out to be extremely lucrative). Her last appearance in a porn film was in 1993 in the film American Garter (distributed by VCA) in which she was visibly over her usual weight and suffering from sun damage and with liver spots on her hands, this appearance provoked questions about her condition from many of her fans and may have contributed to her not making any further appearances.


She created her own website, (also accessible via the domain name, in late 2003 after establishing herself as a very successful businesswoman earlier in her career. The site contains her diary, a calendar containing all of the public events she will be attending in the future, many of her movies from throughout her career, used clothing (including thongs, stockings and pantyhose) worn by Seka herself available for sale along with signed photos and a section containing Seka's 'friends', which is a variety of material featuring other pornstars and amateur girls. Although, despite her huge popularity and growing fan base, it is rare to see a Seka video online due to the problems with licensing of the videos as many of the original distributors have now gone out of business and are unavailable for discussions, one of the few other sites that features her content is Porn Star Classics as well as the Pornstar Legends website which is operated by the New Sensations production company.

Desperately Seeking Seka

In 2002, two Swedish filmmakers (Christian Hallman and Magnus Paulsson) created a documentary in which they set out to find Seka and request an interview from her while also profiling her past in the porn industry. Seka herself has praised the film and has even mentioned that she plans to create her own autobiographical documentary sometime in the future. The documentary made its way around global film festivals, notably being banned in Singapore due to its content and it was released on DVD on the 13th of April 2004. The original DVD runs at 53 minutes long with over 3 hours of extras, however there is a more recent unrated edition which clocks in at 83 minutes long and contains more explicit scenes. Both are available to buy via the film's official website,


* Seka is a huge baseball fan, regularly attending Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox games while also collecting major and league baseball hats.

* In April 2005 Seka moved to her new home in Kansas City, Missouri. It is from here that she operates both her official website and her fan club full-time.

* She is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame and has received praise from many of the other hugely popular performers of her era, including Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn and Veronica Hart who famously stated that "As long as I have a face, Seka has a place to sit".

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