Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn is one of those very few actresses in porn who cannot be praised enough for her work and general presence in adult entertainment. Since she first started showing off her legendary talents in the early eighties, she has made her mark in porn like no other, with a series of videos and feature films which show off her blonde bombshell body as well as her immense sexual talents. Ginger's immediate appeal is obvious: the girl is sexy as hell! She first burst on the screen in the early eighties with a petite, perfectly proportioned body that was in sharp contrast to the more "common" look of the less glamorous women from the seventies. Even Howard Stern himself, who is not inexperienced when it comes to flirting with some very sexy strippers, porn actresses, mainstream models and general groupies, could not help but go "ga-ga" over Ms. Lynn in his book Private Parts: "She had one of the most incredible bodies I had ever seen! It was a real turn-on!"

It goes without saying that Ginger Lynn's sparkling blue eyes and luscious mouth are all that a porn film needs for erotic greatness. Fans such as myself are always guaranteed pure satisfaction watching full close-ups of her lovely face as she delivers those incredible blowjobs. And when it comes to doing the deed, there is nothing more visually arresting than staring at Ginger's tight little body bouncing up and down on a hard cock while she's being worked up to an orgasmic frenzy. Speaking of orgasms, Ginger's facials and oral cumshots are equally renowned and inevitable whenever she brings her lucky partners to a semen-splashing state of bliss. When Ms. Lynn goes to work, she gets the job done right!

And now, viewers have another chance to experience "The Ginger Effect" with VCA's recent release, Taken. As part of her triumphant quadrilogy of carnal comebacks, this Veronica Hart -directed feature is sure to be every bit as enticing and irresistible as her previous triple-plays: Torn, White Lightning, and New Wave Hookers 6!

If you want a healthy sampling of her oral skills, then take a look at her at scene-stealing vignette in Ball Busters. Her blowjob in Alex De Renzy's masterpiece is absolutely mesmerizing, to the point of hypnotic. The medium close-up of Ginger Lynn's face show her raising her eyes to the screen while her lips emerge with a mouthful of cock. She engulfs actor Dan T. Mann's hard-on effortlessly, but it's the look in those baby blues which underscore the magic in her technique. Fans of hers will recognize the trademark grin which flashes from those pearly whites whenever she assumes total sexual control over her helpless partner, who is literally "blown away!"

Likewise, in Doctor Ginger is "Pretty As You Feel", the director wisely allows Ginger to control the action by focusing the camera on her upper half as she coaxes a hard-on challenged Tom Byron to get it up for her: "I imagine that when it's fully erect it's hard like a steel rod... I want you to fuck me in the mouth with your cock!" she says in that all-too familiar kittenish voice. As she works her oral therapy on lucky Mr. Byron, Dr. Ginger looks into the camera to tease give the viewer a virtual sex experience. When her eyes look back at us watching her, it's all too easy to get lost in the fellatio fantasy with each stroke of her tongue and caress of her lips. And rest assured, her scene with Jerry Butler (made into a threesome with brunette Lynn Ray) is also a standout, especially when she is on the receiving end of a brief, but hot, anal.

Viewers will get all hot and bothered after seeing her in the classic Girls On Fire. Ginger manages to bring the legendary John Holmes to his knees beginning with a blowjob which proves that Ms. Lynn can handle any challenge presented to her. Her cowgirl style fucking is actually a sight to behold since it is Ms. Lynn who seems to be using "Johnny Wadd" as a human dildo for her pleasure only. In a movie with classic superstars like Raven, Cody Nicole, and Angel, it is Ginger who steals the spotlight as soon as she hits the stage.

Already up to its seventh sequel, the New Wave Hookers movies have been critically and popularly acclaimed for their inventive sexual situations and quirky humor. But even though starlets like Savannah, Chasey Lain, Stacy Valentine, Tyffany Million and Nikki Dial have graced their way through individual editions, no appearance can compete with Ginger's famous double penetration scene, courtesy of Tom Byron and Steve Powers, found in the original. Ginger is also featured on the box cover of this classic movie, replacing the then- Traci Lords whose presence is not missed thanks to Ms. Lynn. Her scene has become so noteworthy, that it has been named one of "the best of the best" in VCA's compilation disc Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time!

Her triumphant return in Torn was one of the most anticipated and fulfilling comebacks the porn industry had ever seen. She appears in five of nine sizzling sex scenes, which make this video tailor made for Ginger addicts. From her mini-gangbang where she is dressed in sleek black vinyl, to the sensuous girl-girl scene with Chloe, and then flying high on an airplane fantasy with Sean Michaels and Juli Ashton, Torn is proof positive that Ms. Lynn is ready to reclaim her top position in adult.

Her reemergence into porn fandom was reaffirmed and rewarded in the Empire Award winning White Lightning, which featured her in a virtual sex sequence which accompanied the erotically atmospheric main feature. Empire Reviewer Spooky gave it the highest rating possible, and its bestseller status confirms his opinions: "It's hard to imagine any porn fan not finding something they like on the new White Lightning DVD from VCA. Director Veronica Hart brings back some of the all-time great actresses and teams them up with some of today's hottest stars in what may well be the best adult DVD release to date. The star here, of course, is Ginger Lynn..."

Ginger makes a return appearance under the direction of Antonio Passolini New Wave Hookers 6, where she takes a starring role and participates in four fantastic scenes, including lesbian, anal, interracial and her very first DV, which stands for "double vaginal." The rave review on Adult DVD Empire already says it all, but this edition is jammed packed with extra material, including a running commentary by Ginger where she teases and flirts with the viewer in reaction to her on-screen participation.

In VCA's Deep Inside Ginger Lynn, fifteen of Ginger's earliest, and perhaps more obscure, eighties appearances are compiled in a collectable compendium. Her one-one-one action with semi-forgotten actors like Blake Palmer, R. Bolla, and Harry Hardwood prove that there are many worthy couplings in her career that deserve to be reintroduced for her fans. In the meantime, you get the added pleasure of seeing Ginger in the best of eighties' fashions, including sexy bikinis, spandex and short-shorts. Of course, none of that apparel is as alluring as her toned and tanned birthday suit, which is also on prominent display.

Vivid Video has been known for the studio's amazing "Vivid Girls" and couple-oriented sex filmed in 35 millimeter productions. However, early videos presented their very first super starlet in features which never skimped on the hardcore. Ginger On The Rocks features one of the best box cover designs ever made, and naturally, our lovely Lynn lady is the one under the spotlight. It features an excellent segment with the human can himself, Peter North, and fans of eighties will enjoy seeing Ginger in her "Let's Get Physical" hair style (but come to think of it, more than one reviewer has pointed out how Ginger could pass for the younger sister of Olivia Newton John) and Jennifer Beals-fitted leg warmers.

And who can forget Blame It On Ginger, as it contains what is recognized as one of the hottest lesbian encounters ever captured on magnetic tape (which is now forever preserved in the digital medium). The legendary Barbara Dare, best known for her "uh-huh!" orgasmic squeals, and Ginger Lynn attack each other in a clash of the titans Sapphic session.

Ginger Lynn has also made a name for herself in the mainstream film industry with many appearances on television shows, such as NYPD Blue, but she has also appeared in several films, including The Devil's Rejects and American Pie: Band camp. As of 2006, she became the host of Playboy Radio's Night Calls Radio, but she hasn't left the adult film industry behind. Fans of the radiant Ginger Lynn can see her in brand-new scenes in 2 different movies: Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers and Seasoned Players 4! In the far flung future, Ginger's everlasting gift to adult entertainment will always be her raw sexuality, and the ability to arouse us with every heated sexually expressive moment on-screen. Even longtime adult male performer Jerry Butler, singles Ginger out with high praise in his "tell-all" book, Raw Talent (which was very loosely "adapted" in the AVN Award Winning movie Raw). Upon first meeting her on the set of her second adult movie, he exclaims, "I couldn't believe this beautiful, raw gem of a woman. There she was, ready to be cut into something even more beautiful...Ginger's so popular because she seems like the innocent girl/nympho next door....Now she has the world by the balls."

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