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Leo Girl

Gail is a genuine Leo who took the porn industry by storm in 1985. In her first year, she appeared in 15 movies, which was quite an accomplishment by standards of the day. Gail is a comely and alluring 5'6" blonde bombshell. Her trademark characteristic blonde hair was the epitomy of the new wave-punk musical performers of the time. As Luke Ford puts it, "Gail may be best remembered for her haircut. As one critic noted, Gail's 'do looked like it was styled in a wind tunnel. Porn is often on the cutting edge of technology. Maybe Gail discovered that having an aerodynamic hairstyle facilitated those trademark sloppy blowjobs".

In Adult Business

Gail kicked her sexuality up a notch in 1986 with frenetic performances in "Lost Innocence" and "Virgin Heat", where she took her first on-screen facial from Dan T. Mann. In 1987 she appeared in award-winning "Brat" series playing an army captain in "Army Brat" and then appearing in few more titles from the series. Gail kept pumping into the 1990s with roles in "Ginger Snaps" and "Let's Get It On with Amber Lynn". She didn't achieve the same popularity of those Lynn blondes, but she has always been a solid and reliable performer.

In addition to performing in the adult movies, Gail also had a bunch of layouts in porn magazines like Velvet, Hustler or Swank. Despite being Leo and having such powerful stage name Gail preferred only mild sexual activities on stage. In fact her first double sandwich was her last, when she did it with Marc Wallice and Tom Byron in John T. Bone's "Manwhiched, The First Time", an appropriately named flick. She had just 4 more back yard appearances close to the end of her long career.

The Other Side of the Camera

As a performer Gail appeared in hardcore productions for Vivid, Sin City, Coast To Coast, GVC, VCA to name a few. She worked for such famous directors as Richard Mailer, Paul Thomas, Bobby Hollander, and Michael Carpenter. In 1992 Gail married noted adult director Jim Powers and almost immediately limited her on-screen presence to girl/girl and later non-sex roles. In 1994 she had her first experience on the other side of the camera when she directed "Gypsy Queen" starring Sunset Thomas who gets seduced by forest fiddler Gerry Pike. In 2000 she completely left the performing side and worked entirely as a director till 2004. By the end of her almost 20 year career Gail appeared in more than 150 movies and directed 24 movies as well. Interestingly enough, she never directed herself in a sex role.


Gail was inducted into AVN Hall of Fame in March 2009.
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