Shay Sights

Shay Sights

Shay Sights is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, this 38DD big busted brunette with green eyes and a California tan started out as a feature exotic dancer touring across all of North America. Known for her wild and lavish stage shows, including her own DJ, lighting, pyrotechnics, sound, props and lots of audience participation. After doing magazines, she decided to make the jump into XXX, moving to L.A. and starting a memorable career specializing in deep throating and hot anal scenes, much to the delight of her many fans. Always eager to please her fans, she has recently added ass to mouth to her repertoire ("Because it's just so nasty, it really turns me on."), has signed a contract with Wildlife Video and just completed her first feature with them entitled "Summer of Shay" in which she does her first threesome with two guys: Miles Long and Michael J. Cox, as well as another hot anal scene with her good friend and blonde hottie Tanya Danielle, due out in September. What's next on the horizon for Shay you ask? "I'm looking forward to doing my first D.P. sometime next year. But I'll have to practice a little at home first!" Need any volunteers Shay?

So who am I? Well, let me tell you a little about myself so we can get to know each other better!

I'm 5'8, 120 lbs, I have dark brown hair and green eyes, with 36 D breasts, I was born on March 27th and I am an Aries, but if you've seen my movies you already knew that :-)

I was born in Vancouver, Canada, and when I was younger I used to compete in skiing (What did you expect from the land of ice and snow?). But as I grew up I realized I hated the cold and that I really enjoyed dancing. I started Feature Dancing in Canada, which is why I have done such elaborate shows, and when I had the opportunity to come to L.A. and start shooting movies, I jumped at the chance! You see; I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist, and I have always been game for anything when it comes to sex; there's nothing I won't do, at least once! So, I seemed to fit perfectly in the world of adult film.

Since then I have graced the pages of almost every men's magazine printed at least once, been seen numerous times on Playboy TV and shot somewhere around 250 adult movies. My most popular titles include: Fem Aria, Acid Dreams, All Soaped Up, From Lust Til Dawn, Pure Lust, Mirror Image, The Healing Touch, Heavenly Bodies, Double Play, Nasty, Elements of Desire, Eternity, One Night in Vegas, Wicked Sex Party 6, Cum Envy, The Vampire Chronicles, Sex Illusions and many more. The first movie I ever did when I first got to L.A. was Interactive Sex Splash for Vivid directed by my good friend Dyanna Lauren who got me into the business.

Shay has now moved on from not just being in front of the camera to also producing and directing some visually beautiful movies with amazing sex scenes for her production company of 2 years Dragonfly Pictures. Sex Illusions was her first which is distributed in the US by X-Worx and has gotten outstanding reviews across the board including a 4 star review from AVN. Look for Dragonfly Picture's next feature in Jan 2006 which will be called Sex Illusions 2-The Goddess Codes and will also be directed by and starring Shay.

What was it that interested me so much about this business? Well, I guess I have always enjoyed pleasing other people, men and women alike, it seemed like a sort of natural extension of who I am, to be able to share myself with, and please people by making movies! And it really turns me on to know that someone will be watching what I have done on film. It's kind of like knowing someone is watching you while you are having sex and getting turned on by it.

Hmmm, What else? I like to work out, go hiking and do yoga. Yoga helps me stay flexible and relaxed; flexible for some of the outrageous positions I have sex in sometimes, and relaxed because these days it seems like I never have a moment's rest. And I practice the Japanese healing art of Reiki, which uses your body's life energy to heal others. I like to garden and cook also; I have always had a green thumb and love to watch living things grow.

Speaking of living things, let's not forget the three lights of my life, Tim, my pet Chihuahua, Owen the Persian Cat and Gabrielle my Pit Bull, who are my constant companions and a never ending source of joy to me.

I adopted Tim from Dyanna Lauren's Pet Rescue and Gabrielle came from Karma Rescue and they can be contacted at Tim had been abused by some really mean kids and had both of his little front paws broken. We were able to save him and lots of other great animals through the work of some really selfless and dedicated people like Dyanna Lauren. So if you are looking for a great charity for donations at tax time, look them up!

Hugs, Kisses, and *Orgasms*

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