Melissa Lauren

Melissa Lauren

Melissa Lauren is a slim brunette goddess from Paris. Utterly gorgeous and seductive she is one of the most hardcore performers in the Biz today. Her fans (myself included) were treated to one of the raunchiest threesomes of all time in Third Degree's "Crack Addicts 3". In the grand finale Melissa takes on an enormous (and we mean ENORMOUS) black butt plug that seems to defy all laws of natural physics.

James and I met her at the NY erotic expo and sat down with her. Frankly, in person she is twice as spectacular as she is in her movies. Her accent alone is enough to bring any man to his knees and those natural breasts had me drooling all over the booth she was signing at.

Here's a few things you might not know about Melissa:
Before she was in Porn she worked at an upscale French Restaurant
She is a total sex addict (duh!!!)
She weighs 114 lbs (anybody know what that is in kilos?)
Melissa loves sports - she does kickboxing
She loves lingerie shopping
She is the girlfriend of Director Chris Streams.

Melissa is our star pick of the month and we hope you enjoy her movies as much as we do!

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