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A name like Voodoo should signal "taboo" to any woman. That goes without saying for the adult entertainment star by that singular moniker. Apparently this hot stud set out to make waves using his god-given talents to steam up both the news as well as the sheets. Borderline outrageous is the behavior example that this artist projects. If there is fame in notoriety, Voodoo is probably one of the most famous artists in the porn business.

Early Life

Of Latin descent, this bad boy of porn hails from Toronto, Ontario Canada and was drawn early to the adult entertainment industry. One only has to view his Twitter and personal websites to understand the popularity of this Latin Lothario. Not only is he hot, he's hot on a campaign of keeping his fans in personal touch and abuzz with his over-the-top antics and actions regarding sex. A self-proclaimed nymphomaniac (and what better career is one suited for than to put one's assets to good use), he graduated college with a degree in Photography at the age of 22 and began planning his career trajectory. A cross-country motorcycle search for a new career left him stranded and penniless in L.A. looking for a job, when a lead with a porn casting agent landed him squarely in the porn business.


Voodoo's reputation in the adult industry is built on performing edgy sequences in his films, always pushing the envelope toward the outrageous. Possessed with a special talent that draws women to him, this artist continually invents ways to keep himself and his brand of sex at the forefront of the minds of his fans. His behavior both in and out of the bedroom, Voodoo wields the kind of magic that women just can't get enough of. A performer who lives on the extremes, Voodoo is known for having oral sex on the ledge of a 42-storey balcony. Now if that's not enough to convince one that Voodoo lives on the wild side, and speaking of "wild" consider this: an alleged sexual liaison with mainstream actress Lindsey Lohan is not the first time Voodoo has come under controversy. He was reportedly fired from his part-time job as a skydiving instructor after using the aircraft to make a sex tape while jumping from an airplane. Now that's taking one's career to new heights!

That he had mastered the carnal arts is only tangential to his success, for this young star had all the moves and the number of female co-stars or conquests that he shagged is evidence of his "staying" power in the game. The star of nearly 700 titles, this multiple AVN award-winner and former husband of porn star Nicole Sheridan certainly knows his craft and feels satisfied that he's made his imprint on the business.

Porn Awards

  • 2002 AVN Best Anal Sex Scene Taboo 2001: A Sex Odyssey
  • 2005 AVN Best Oral Sex Scene The Collector
  • 2007 AVN Best Group Sex Scene Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge

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