Taija Rae

Taija Rae

Taija Rae Taija Rae is widely considered one of the most iconic and popular starlets of the 1980's. Taija was known for her girl-next-door looks and innocent appearance. However, that wholesome image disappeared quickly once she got in front of the cameras. Taija was neither slender nor surgically enhanced; and that proved to be appealing to men and fans alike. Taija was born January 29, 1962 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Taija began her career in the adult film industry in 1983, as she was recognized by a local Philadelphia talent firm. Eventually, Taija made her way to New York and quickly established herself doing photo modeling and working in erotic films like 'Dangerous Stuff' and 'Scenes They Wouldn't Let Me Shoot.' It was at this time that Taija had the privilege of working with directors like Chuck Vincent, Dave Darby, and Henri Pachard.

About the midway through her career, Taija, decided to change her appearance and began focusing more on working on the west coast. In 1986 she slimmed down and dyed her hair blonde. It was also around this time that Hustler Magazine referred to her as one of 'Porn's Big Four' (with the likes of Amber Lynn, Traci Lords, and Ginger Lynn). Taija retired from the industry in 1993, but she had long cemented her legacy by being featured in over 170 adult films.

Taija also has an interesting story behind her performer name. Taija, came from an Asian beverage waitress that she worked with before her foray into the adult industry. And the last name, Rae was in homage to Fay Wray, an actress in the 'King Kong' movie.


1985 XRCO Award nominee for Starlet of the Year
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