Rita Faltoyano

Rita Faltoyano

I spent most of my childhood 100 miles from Budapest, on a ranch where my godparents lived. This is where i started my 1st sport, horse back riding, when I was 4 years old. I took my primary school in Budapest.

I really hated studying, my mind was always on sports. Besides horse back riding, I was also swimmer for 6 years. Since I started my high school far from Budapest, I had to give up most of the sports, except the horse riding, since I was attending a horse riding Academy and University. My qualification is jockey-trainer and Specified Recreational trainer. The sports always were a major part of my life. I also tried eurhythmics for 3 years, but due to an injury on my knee, I had to give up fieldsports. That is when swimming came. My dad was doing Water-Polo for more than 27 years (European-and Olympic Champion). My mom was also a swimmer, so all circumstances led me towards swimming.

I was a naughty kid, I hated when others told me what to do . I have 3 younger brothers, I really enjoy being with them. We are laughing a lot together. I was 16 years old when my parents started to enter me to different beauty contests.

1996 Spain-Costa Brava Bikini Beauty Contest 1st Prize
1999 Miss Budapest Beauty Contest 1st Prize
1999 Miss Beach Croatia 1st Prize
2000 Miss East Hungary Beauty Contest 2nd Prize
2001 Miss Busty Netherland 1st Prize
2002 Rio de Janeiro Beach Beauty Contest

After the Miss East Hungary Beauty Contest, an agent phoned me and my first front of the camera experience happened in Paris for French Playboy. At the same time, I was working in the McDonalds in Budapest because my University was so expensive. A week later the director of Hustler invited me to Costa Rica, to do a movie, my 1st film called HUSTLER XXX in March of 2000. I was 21.5 years old.

The 1st 5 months were really difficult, especially spiritually. I was 19 years old when I had 1st sex in my life. When I started adult, I had sex only with my ex-boyfriend, hush..... But I became strong and now I am proud to represent this business as a Hungarian girl. I have been in 26 different and beautiful countries. I am lucky to inherit this look from my parents (my mom was Miss Hungary in 1974), my grandma was a Showgirl in the Moulin Rouge 55 years ago. Maybe this is why I love to do feature shows :)

I was raised with religious way, and now I am here in the adult business. I really like what I am doing. I meet many great people around the world. I learn many things from different cultures, it is a big present from the life. I like to going to Conventions (Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, Mexico City, Las Vegas, Helsinki, Milan, Bruxelles, Varsowie, Los Angeles) and store signings because I like to meet and talk with my fans. It's nice, feeling that people are interested about me, and my work.

I am involved in charity. I would like stay more a few years in front of the camera. My biggest dream is to buy a house for my parents, and for my brothers, to help my family. Later, I'd buy a big ranch with many, many horses and adopt 100 kids. And to live, someday at a place where I see the ocean first thing when I wake up.

Between my European and American career, I've now appeared in over 400 movies, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! I'll keep doing what I love: having sex, and touring the world as a feature dancer to visit all my wonderful fans!

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