Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

A memorable image is what I love to create, whether it is poignant and energetic, or motionless and sublime, to encompass extraordinary aptitude and to brand that one reflection on another's mind, is the pinnacle of my whole creativeness. It's my driving ambition, to transform like a chameleon, to move on and become metamorphic in the imagery I like to create.

I love to travel with my thoughts and create pictures which can be remembered. The colourful view in my mind is flamboyant, "you have a vivid imagination", they said. I think that's based on some cruel internal insanity that's not visible from the out side. I dream in vibrant colours and my mind travels at 300 miles per hour. You could say my existence evolves at the speed of ten years, for every one. I was the black sheep, the outsider, cruelly left to my own devices and to be told I was different to every one else, and was treated that way. This was a natural affliction, from when I was a young girl. I grew up in a working class family in London, where every thing was simple. You go to school, you have dinner, you do as you are told and then you get to bed. No wonder I drove my parent's nuts, nothing was ever that simple. When I was being told to do, it was far more complicated to me than it should have been. It was dramatic and I misunderstood, it had to be thought through before I could attempt to do anything. I just didn't get it.

Ok so now it's a good thing, I am not singled out any more, and in fact I am hardly noticeable amongst all the other unconventional characters that stand beside me. Where were they all when I was a kid? So now I am not so eccentric after all. I am creative and obsessed with perfection and memorable, or should I say difficult to forget. I know what I want to achieve and I do not stop, especially when I have achieved that ambition. My determination drives me to look at that achieved ambition as the beginning of a dream about to start.

This is where I am now.

I have enveloped the porn industry I wanted to be complete before I could unleash myself. I love it, I am a sexual being and I am passionate in movement, I feel like a panther stalking in the long grass. My site is full of diverse imagery and I am seeking to develop more. I would love to work with people who want something more than just the obvious side of porn, I love that too, but to develop ideas and work with a film maker who wants to go further than that and experiment is my ideal.

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