Stephanie Swift

Stephanie Swift

I was born in Louisiana but I have lived in Southern California for most of my life. I jokingly say that I am half Southern Belle and half California girl. I enjoyed high school and started the modeling club my senior year graduating in the class of 1990. At 19, I was living on my own in a one bedroom apartment in downtown San Diego, working part-time at a dentist's office, and going to school as a full time student to eventually earn my associates degree in dental assisting. I found the financial strain to be very difficult.

A close friend showed me a Polaroid picture of himself with a naked girl and this led to me auditioning to get a job dancing at The Body Shop, a local strip club in San Diego to help with my bills. I started working that same day and the house mom named me China because she said I looked like a little China doll. This position lost its luster after only six months because I couldn't stand the cigarette smoke. After seeing the pictures a local photographers had taken of the other girls from the club, I decided to take my second step into the adult industry and pose nude for the camera. This opened the door to five years of nude modeling only for photo clubs. A photo club is where models are paid to pose nude for photographers whose hobby is to shoot pictures of nude girls.

There are prizes given and I frequently won 1st place as the model. These photo shoots do not require the model to sign a release unless she wants to of course. This is the time of my life when I grew comfortable with nudity and learned how to work the camera. I was a school girl type wearing my glasses on many shoots. During this time, I was still working as a dental assistant and passed my state board tests at U.C.L.A. to become a registered dental assistant.

On my 21st birthday, a fellow model invited me to a Los Angeles audition for the Playboy Channel to do soft-core erotic work. Out of thousands of girls that auditioned for the show, Up Close and Dangerous, I was one of the top ten finalists chosen. Working for the Playboy Channel was an exciting project. I loved the vibe. As this was my first professional job as a model, this was only the beginning of making me one of the adult film industry's biggest stars.

My success didn't happen overnight, but I have become one of the most sought after performers in adult entertainment today. My appearance alone makes me stand out. In a business where blue-eyed, blondes are the norm, my thick brunette hair and soulful green eyes attract immediate attention. My first XXX performance was in October of 1994 for a CD-ROM project titled, Space Sirens. I started out with one of the major adult agents who booked my jobs in the San Fernando Valley, the porn capital of the world. The ultra-famous Gregory Dark made the decision to put me on the box cover of his movie, Sex Freaks. This was my first recognition in the industry that mainly hired me - the quiet, specs-wearing girl - for showing up on time and knowing my dialogue. These two traits proved to aid in securing me steady work in the adult industry. My sexual prowess on screen is scorching hot as is my talent as a multi-faceted actress. I was nominated Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards in 1997.

I signed an exclusive contract to star in features to be directed by a future famous and amazingly talented, David Stanley with the gonzo company, Elegant Angel. During this brief 6 month period I embodied myself with the harder side of the industry where I laid the foundation for my fans getting to know me as the nice girl next door who would do anything!

Although I enjoyed the challenges by other directors including the infamous Rob Black and everyone's favorite male performer-turned-director [at this time], Tom Byron. I left my employment at the end of 1997 only to win the coveted AVN's Best Actress Award in 1998 for Miscreants directed by Rob Black. [See attached list of awards and nominations.] This got the attention of Wicked Pictures who put me in every production the entire year of 1998. I have also been featured in over 50 Vivid releases and more are on the way. I signed a three year exclusive contract with Club International magazine which gave me a creative outlet to express myself to my fans in a monthly article accompanied by a Stephanie Swift layout or behind the scenes write up of my movies. After signing an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures, over the course of 6 years, I have appeared in some of Wicked's finest productions including Sex Safari, Chances [Red Ezra's feature directorial debut], Dream Quest [Jenna Jameson's last Wicked Production], Wicked Sex Party, and Swift Picks, in which I hand picked the performers and assisted on most of the scripting and dialog. Makin' It [a production requiring my character to sing on camera] is my most memorable Wicked production. Although, the movie and music are both made very well, the style of the music of the character, Cindy Blue from Makin' It, does not necessarily represent the personal style that I prefer. This has fed me the desire and fueled my passion to sing and pursue a possible music career in the not so distant future. Just for fun. I am currently in talks with numerous producers that would like to work with me and I am always open to work with new producers and musical performers. In addition, I have also begun to make frequent appearances at numerous music related events and venues.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, playing with my animals: the miniature pinscher family Scooby, Dooby, & Babydoo the miniature pit-bull Jersey and Rio my cockatoo, going out dancing, working out and singing karaoke. I am exclusively booked through The Lee Network as an adult film star feature dancer. I love meeting my fans at personal appearances and conventions. I have designed my own adult novelty toy line for Wicked Essential Elements from Cal Exotics. Plastic Fantasies has also made an anatomically-correct Stephanie Swift action figure of me sporting a red or special edition yellow school girl outfit.

As of 2004, I celebrated my 10th year in the industry. I have earned a place at the top of the adult industry. My ambition and drive have paid off with the beginning of my movie production company, Swift Entertainment. This year marks the launch of the new and improved which proves to finally truly reflect my presence the way I want to be online. My first series is Swift Tours. I have produced, directed, and starred in the first two productions for Swift Entertainment shot on location in Brazil and at the Brazilian Sex Club. I am currently in legal issues involving certain parties, but when all is said and done -you will not be disappointed with these movies. I promise you will find yourself thoroughly satisfied!

I wanted to travel and have sex with people from all over the world. I am beginning to fulfill my dream of having my movie production company with contract girls that I can spoil and pamper the way all girls should be. Some of my ideas on how I want to run my company are offering contract girls royalties and taking company vacations once a year at least. With well over 300 XXX titles and numerous mainstream movie cameos to my credit, I continue to establish myself as one of the most influential performers in the history of adult entertainment. I am now on a world wide search for contract girls, it could be you!

I pride myself on wanting to provide a professional and safe environment for talent to work at in this industry and I offer what I have learned in my decade of experience to those performers starting out and whomever is willing to allow me to be their guide and teach them how to take care of themselves and plan for the future. I provide an opportunity to become part of the Swift Entertainment empire and I aspire to be known as the female Hugh Hefner. I really love those girls!

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