Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert

With fierce intelligence to match her elegant beauty, Casey Calvert is a pornstar who will capture your imagination in a multitude of ways.

She was born in Gainesville, Florida, and later attended the University of Florida. Despite growing up in a household that was sex-positive, she herself was not sexually precocious, and remained a virgin until she was 21. In fact, she had a marked aversion to pornography until she took a class on First Amendment law. The legal side of porn was one of the primary emphases of the course, enlightening Calvert about a domain she had previously thought taboo. (When Casey decided to become a pornstar, she felt it only appropriate to take her porn surname from the professor of the course, journalism and communications instructor Clay Calvert. "I was startled to learn and discover an adult video star had taken my last name for her porn name," Professor Calvert told the college's newspaper when he learned of this fact.)

Soon, she began to experiment with nude fetish modeling. As her college career ended, she had a choice between a more traditional career and continuing further into the world of adult entertainment. Thankfully for the world of porn, she chose the latter! In a 2016 interview with 88 Miles West, she summed up her line of logic at this critical point in her life: "I'm really enjoying this person that I'm becoming now that I'm doing all of these things. Fuck it - I'm gonna go do it!"

One of her most notable scenes was in HardX's Analized, featuring Casey's first-ever Double Penetration. "I was super nervous because I wasn't sure if it was going to be something I was going to be physically able to do," she told XCritic. ""I think the scene not only is super hot and super dirty, but it looks beautiful as well." Despite her ability to do a variety of envelope-pushing action on screen, Calvert prefers to keep things relatively simple in her personal life. "I'm usually having sex in a bed with the lights dimmed, like regular people," she said in 2016. Casey is most attracted to men who are "sweet," and is turned off by "bad breath and hairy balls."

Calvert has penned impassion op-eds for publications ranging from The Huffington Post (a defense of college-student-turned-pornstar Belle Knox) to The Economist. When asked to project to the decade ahead, Calvert declared that she aims to stay in the business. "If porn still wants to have me, I'll still be making porn!"

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